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Hi Carol. That is a huge accomplishment! Wow I dream of being able to clear out the front door. Cagney(Standard Schnauzer) barks at visitors (she is a guard-dog). I have a 4 month english Springer and she is so happy to greet everyone...she has started springing very high. So, it is chaos whenever I have visitors. I am working on all techniques to stop them from running to the front door. My stay hasn't as of yet been successful! Anyway, this message is in response to your success. It gives me some hope![/url]
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I have a pit bull/chow mix puppy. Is this a bad mix?

I know and have dealt with pits, but never a chow.

Is my puppy a BAD breed?

He's starting to be a real lover. And my other dog isn't trying to bite him as often.

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i have a puppy border terrier and he keeps trying to bite my hamster what can i do (i cant stop them from seeing each other ther isnt enough room any wher else.
p.s. i no it is in there nature to hunt small mamals but i dont want him to start chasing mice , rats, squirles, hedgehogs and birds whist out on walks coz he might get hurt
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Originally Posted by k9mania View Post
Knowing how to properly socialize and train puppies may mean the difference between dogs that end up in a shelter, on the street, being put down and those that become bonafide members of the family. There may be general principles but the more one knows about different training methods the better prepared one will be to adapt those methods to their puppy.
Hello thanks for doing great job I need some help can u give any idea about for good health of my puppies he is so poor healthy have u any tips for it
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Good health starts with good breeding. From there, it is largely a matter of limiting exposure to problems and good vet care.

Getting back to the title of this thread, see

Some great how to on safely giving a young puppy what it needs.
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