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Show Pup Issues


Looking to vent over my new pup Tempo. He was pick of the litter out of 2 really high quality dogs...

The first issue I noticed was his tail, he holds it up like a basset (not good). I had the guts to tell the breeder. Her responce "ya the moms was like that too..." Well the only flaw they told me on the female was "she had a toy-head" meaning...not a good terrier head... thing I notice was a "roach back" meaning a hump on his was really bad the first 3 weeks I had him, and has gone down some...but it is still there...again I told the breeder soon as I saw it..."Its a puppy roach" "give it time..." ect...

Now they are 4 months + close to 5 months old...their first show is comming up soon...

Tempo has no wire jacket, coat on the back...he has wire on face and feet/legs but nothing on his back...

Again I contacted the breeder...he has no coat...her response was to tell me how his sister has so much coat she has to go to the groomer...and Tempo looks like A SMOOTH doxie...not a wire!

FIRST things out of her mouth "you wanna return him?" She kept saying that in the conversation...over n over here and there "do you want to return him"

NO. I am bloody telling you wtf is going on with him. I am not going to spend 100s of dollars a weekend showing him and griping when he doesnt get some of my friends do with poor dogs and grip that the judges suck and all this n that...I am not going to be "blind" to my dogs faults and flaws like some people.

Not only all of this, we dont know if he has 2 testicals...1 is being an issue.

I do not know what to do...

I love Tempo too much to give him up...he has such a great personality and I think he will do super in the obedience ring...

So pissed off at my breeder with her attitude...

?????? what to do?????
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Go ahead and show him. Let everyone know where you got him.
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I would show him just to get the experience (unless he has gone to puppy matches) but expect to lose.

I dont know anything about the doxie standard, but I do know how frustrating it is when dealing with show dogs, especially puppies! Some puppies do take longer to mature, while other seem to never go through the "uglies" I know with the shelties, I have had some pups that get a nice full coat early on, and then their is Summer... she is as about as naked as can be, she would make a good smooth collie right now LOL! And she is 13 months old so you would think she would have some fur I have also had pups that would look high in the rear without a level back, but that usually goes away when the front legs catch up to the back legs.

Now for the testicals not decending... that is the most concerning problem to me! He can not be shown without both of them decended, and unfortunatly if they havnt dropped by the time he is 6 months old they probably never will. Have they both dropped before, is he just pulling 1 up at times or is it not their at all? I would have a vet (if you cant) feel around to see if he can find it. If it is not there at all you have a very high chance of it not coming down. If it is there and he is just pulling it up, you can always rub that area to push them down into the sac, but once that ligimant tightens up...

You just have to know the line, sometimes they take a long time to look good, those are usually the dogs that still look great into their vetran show career. I would have the breeder evaluate him again, or a different breeder if you can, to see what she thinks of him now. It is totally possible for a pick of the litter pup, that was beautiful at a young age mature to pet quality. It has happened to me, of course i have also had that ugly duckiling of a pup that I am now kicking myself in the but for not keeping her, as she matured to be absolutely beautiful! At least she has a loving home.
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So sorry your having problems with a pup. It can be very frustrating dealing with breeders. Now I'm not faulting you in anyway but I'm curious if you researched the breeder at all? Had you seen any of her pups before? I've learned the Internet can be great, which I'm sure you already know, for researching breeders. You can find reviews from customers and all sorta of stuff! It can also be great for reviewing a breeder! Let people know what you got when you dealt with her. You could help others from going through the same thing! Good luck and maybe he will grow ino his looks as a lot of pips seem to do.

Anyway at least he's with ou and you love him
I <3 Pugs!!
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