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Rescue/shelter dog

Our dog Yaz came from a Rescue centre - he has a lovely disposition, and I cant believe we got a Staffie crossbreed, I was always a little wary after a Staffie attacked our last dog ( a bearded collie ). He is great with children and other dogs - please dont overlook them they make great pets.
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Oh boy did you hit my hot button!!!!!

Currently I own three rescue dogs

Brandwyn's Castaway Heart age 4 years who was adopted from Michigan Sheltie Rescue on June 30, 2006.

Laird Rory McKadin who I adopted through Mid Florida Sheltie Rescue on November 28, 2007

A True Confection in Lace, 18 Months, adopted through Mid Florida Sheltie Rescue on August 25 2008.

Hugs to all
Judy and the Rescue Squad
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OMG RescueSquad, your pups are absolutely adorable!!!

My dog article site - K9Domain
My dog blog - Dog Notes
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I am the proud owner of 7 rescued dogs. They are my life. For me rescue is the only way to go!!!

My Goof Troop
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My puppies

My husband bought me a pom when I had to let my 15 year old golden/lab mix (a rescue) go.
Since then we rescued three more dogs, another pom, from the Humane Society, she was 4 when we got her, her previous owner had terminal cancer.
A Boston Terrier from a high kill shelter, she was a puppy mill breeder dog and she is really screwy, even for a Boston. But heck, if I lived three years of my life in a 2' X2' X2' cage with no human interaction, I'd be screwy, too.
The last is a Westie, or a Westie / Carin mix. He's the man!
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Oh yes!! Rescue is the way to go!
Both of my girls. Poppy and Daisy-Boo are both rescues.
Poppy came to live with us when she was thrown out of a car 11 years ago - I was at work - I was a veterinary nurse in those days - and a lady came running into the surgery wailing - she had just seen a BMW car pull up in the alleyway at the back of the surgery and throw something out of the back door and then try to reverse over it, but the little bundle had managed to scamper into her back yard.
The little bundle was our Poppy. She was tiny, covered in cigarette burns, her mouth was bald from the rope where it was tied shut and she had a still-bleeding wound in her ear where someone had decided to cut a shape out. she was starved half to death, her head looked enormous stuck on a body that was like a toast rack. I reported this to the police - what a nightmare! I was told I had to take her to the police station to make a statement before I could take her home, as if the original owners came forward within 28 days then I would have to hand her back!!! I was livid!! I walked into the police station and put Poppy on the reception desk to show them what a state she was in. The policy still stood. I took her home with me that day and my work began. I started her with her vaccinations, wormings and flea treatments, tended to her wounds and fed her up like her life depended on it. I kept a chart on the fridge door of the countdown of 28 days until she could be officially mine. She went everywhere with me - she came to work with me every day, she even came to the hairdressers with me and sat on my feet. Wherever I went, Poppy went. On the 28th day she was microchipped - she was now officially mine!!!! We have never looked back.
When she was two and a half, (and I was eight month's pregnant and the size of a house!!) she qualified to represent North Staffordshire in the RSPCA dog of the year show. We took her to the finals and she came second out of 52 regions! I was soooooooo proud of my baby girl.

We found Daisy at 6 weeks old living in a barn - the litter had been removed from a family where the yound daughter had been biting the puppies. Needless to say - she came home with me too.

Im rescue dogs all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!
Clair, Poppy, Daisy-Boo and Cooper xxx

every dog must have his day -
this consists of eating, sleeping and sniffing things
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no i don't have any till now, but i would love to get one for sure
Dogs rule! Which is your favorite dog training method?
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my shelties

Thankyou for that i own 2 shelties who i bought from a breeder at 5 yr old as they had no longer a use for them as breeding bitches well ! what a great life they have with us we can afford the very expensive vet bills and we also have 2 more .

Lavender Lil
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We now have 2 that I have rescued. 1 Red cloud Kelpie I saved from a council dog pound in 2006 had a week to find a home before the green dream was administered and now a 14 week Border Collie from my vet that was abused and was re sold to someone with fighting pit bulls.

I have been going to the same vet for over 20 years and was able to get my son in there for work experience as he wants to work with animals.

He was given Dexter as his project to look after along with al the other animals
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