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Heh cockermom does it give him gas? He is very sweet. I laugh everyday at my little comedians.
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LOL Sarap I dunno good question!!! I can never tell wich of the four butts it came from so who knows! LOL
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Gunner will stand his ground until it gets by his feet, then he'll step away quickly but not running. After I'm done vaccuming the floor (and move on to the furniture) it becomes a grooming tool. He loves when you get the loose hair off his back with it. After that, he barks at it and tries to suck on the end, lol.

Tira HATES it. She runs into another room and will not come in while it's on. I can get her to come around the sofa, on the side away from the vaccum, and sit on the it. Then she'll let me vaccum her and she'll lick at it a little.
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Roran thinks it is a game.
he will wip around the house, stop look at it, jump towards it, then take off again racing.
Its something u have to see, I was laughing fo had i couldnt finish the vacuming
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mine used to be afraid of the vacuum, lol.. he would run away from it, hide, but keep watching it. Now that he's older he still doesn't like it, but isn't afraid of it anymore, lol.
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Penny gets scared of it, either barks and runs away, or just acts like she's having a standoff with it...although the other day she was in her crate when the vaccum was going and she peed her crate...very weird she hadn't peed in her crate since the first week we got her at 7 weeks old.
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