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Welcome to the Neurotic Dogs Forum

Oh there is that dog; kind, gentle, loving and WHACKO. It paces, it digs, it is afraid of it's own shadow. It can be "normal" (whatever that really is) so you start to think it is growing out of it and then it bolts, hides in the closet, fear bites, paces, etc. We know some breeds have "issues" but each of these cases is different because the problem may be part nature and part nurture. It takes such patience but that is not enough. Discussions concerning different ways to handle such dogs can help other trainers, owners, caretakers help such dogs function at an acceptable level.
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Ha Ha, loved the photo.
I got my son a daxie, it is just like him - totally crazy. It will not walk nicely on the lead, barks at everything yet her sister from the same litter also came to us and is an angel!
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