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Welcome to the General Canine Health Forum

Let's talk and give each other information, suggestions, and discuss issues such as vaccinations, types of household products, plants that have made your dog sick, the use of alternative treatments such as accupunture, chiropractic, massage, care of food pads and anything else related to the health and well being (psyche) of our K9 companions. This can be very useful because all of us have different vets with different specialties and knowledge bases. For example, I read an article about the rattlesnake vaccine and brought it up to my vet and now after she researched it she is making her clients aware of it. This discussion is not to replace a vet's diagnosis. t is to help us identify problems sooner and be able to ask the right questions when we are at the vet.
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Mobile Veterinary Service

B.J Multivet (Mobile Veterinary Service)- Edinburgh
We look after all animals offering a range of service including:
Medical Care
Call us on: 01314781925 or 07856643998
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Hi everyone, I'm new on the forum and I own 1 german shepherd and 1 doberman. I love them and I'm giving them SPOT ON as food (you can only buy it online from this page : but I'm looking to find something to complete this even if I'm really happy of the product. If anyone could give me an advice would be much apreciated.
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Hi! I am new to the forum and I must say I was excited and interested when I first logged on. I went to a couple of different threads after I posted a general health question and was quite disappointed and more than a little put off by the discussion I read. It seemed as though the people only wanted to jump on the OP because of a decision her Vet made. It almost made me want to retract my question and look elsewhere for advice! It's really sad that some people can't be as nice to other humans as they are to their pets and other animals.
I'm sorry if I've offended anyone! I just thought you should know how it looked to a new person visiting the site for the first time. Not a very good first impression. I sincerely hope it improves. "Can't we all just get along?" Let's try some random acts of KINDNESS, instead of random acts of VIOLENCE!
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Unhappy Stay away from Ivermectin!

Please be careful if your vet wants you to use Ivermectin to treat mange. Our beautiful 8 month old shepard mix died because of it. After researching it online, I found out that is fatal for collies and shepards. There is also a test that can be administered to see if your dog is sensitive to the drug.
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For Collie owners.

The three names aboveare used to describe the same class of compounds, including Avermectin B1a, Avermectin B1b, Ivermectin,and Abamectin.
[see web site: PESTICIDE PROFILE

A Stabal Mail Bugle reader bought to our attention that a new worming product being promoted at the Vets contained Ivermectin [see our other page re Ivermectin]. Ivermectin can have fatal results when used on Collies, particularly Rough Collies.. It was suggested that this new product MILBEMAX contained Ivermectin and people should be aware of this fact considering the consequences it could have.

I have put a brief note in the next Bugle which should be with you shortly but in the meantime I looked up the product MILBEMAX on the internet and it seemingly does contain Avermectin which as the site above quotes it as the same class of compound.

MILBEMAX used for the treatment of mixed infections by roundworms, hookworms, whipworms and tapeworms, and the prevention of heart disease in dogs and for the treatment of mixed infections by heartworm, hookworms and tapeworms in cats.

According to the companies web site which I will link to below, the product should be administered with or after some food. Treatment of dogs with a high number of circulating microfilariae can sometimes lead to the appearance of hypersensitive reactions, such as pale mucous membranes, vomiting, trembling, laboured breathing or excessive salivation. this is quoted as not a direct effect of the product.

It does say under special precautions and warnings that studies with milbemycin oxime indicate that the margin of safety in certain dogs of Collie or related breeds is less than in other breeds. In these dogs, the recommended does should be strictly observed. The tolerance of MILBEMAX in young puppies from these breeds has not been investigated.

I think considering the disasterous effects on our Collies when Ivermectin was used it would be as well if you all read in full the manufacturers notes on their web site below.


************************************************** *****************

Following on from this, there is a product called ADVOCATE.
I am sure all Vets will be aware but just in case, ADVOCATE [FOR FLEAS, MANGE AND HEARTWORMS]

is not to be used on Collies or Collie types according to veterinary information.
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Oh crap, Cerbie takes Ivermectin for heartworm preventative. Is it bad in heelers, too, they're part collies. That's scary. I'll have to talk to my vet about that.
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I just found out that my neighbor put 7 on her momma and pup to treat fleas.... That just sounds scary to me.... Isn't that the stuff that you put on plants to keep bugs off or something???? I am going to stick to frontline myself. Any thoughts on the 7 and what it can do to animals.... Yikes
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Ivermectin is a good product, and so are many of the others out there, but one med is not always good or safe for all. Always ask your vet, and ask questions if your unsure. On old saying we use at the clinic for ivermectin is "white feet don't treat" applies to most collie breeds. If you can't use it there are many other fine HW products out there. I always tell owners to approach any meds for your dog as you would for yourself, get informed and ask questions. We now give drug handouts for all meds we give to pets, just as the owners get for their own meds. It really helps.

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I am new to this forum. I have a 4 year old shish tzu which has ear infections like every 3 to 4 months. What do you feed a little dog like him. There are so many foods out there and I do not know what is best for him. He is eating eucanoba for sensitive skin. Any ideas would help me alot.
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