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Question Serious chewing issue

Please, please please can someone tell me why my18 mo old golden retriever chews on anything made of fabric! I don't have a single blanket, pillow, towel, sock, etc. without a chew hole. My comforter on my bed looks like swiss cheese. She doesn't actually chew anything to pieces, she just nibbles small holes all over anything she happens to find. She has plenty of appropriate chew toys that are made of hard rubber, and she loves to chew on them. She is sort of a nervous dog, so I assume it is some kind of comfort for her, but she is destroying everything! She has plenty of other behavior issues: barking, jumping, hyperactivity etc--but we accept those things as part of having a dog--especially a golden retriever, and we believe she will eventually settle down. But the chewing issue is becoming so serious that we aren't sure we can handle it anymore. We love her so much, she is very much a part of our family---we just don't know what to do!!! Any advice????????
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She might not be getting enough exercise.
Does she chew only when she's left alone or also when her humans are in the house?

Have you tried a Kong filled with something tasty?
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I give my dogs toys they can destroy every so often, and they seem to enjoy it. They don't chew on my stuff though. I would agree and say excercise, and you could also try some trick training, it mentally tires dogs out.
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It's always hard to know if they are getting enough exercise---it's something to think about though. Also, she really only chews at night if anything happens to be lying around where she chooses to bed down. That's why the blankets on my bed have been destroyed. She also likes to sleep on the bathroom floor, and if anything at all happens to be lying on the floor--it's a goner. I have actually leapt out of bed from a deep sleep to run into the bathroom and check the floor.
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I take it that she is not crate trained? That would probably be a good start. I would also try giving her more exercise. Playing ball or something that works her out. She may be bored because of not enough mental or physical stimulation. I would get her some interactive toys like the kong toys that you can put peanut butter or other things in. I just got a great ball that keeps my chewing border busy for hours I think it is called the
Everlasting Toy/Ball. They come in different sizes balls and a firehydant. I use the large for Mauree.
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I totally agree,with K9mania.
I would buy a crate and gently introduce her to it,by feeding her in it and putting some her fav toys in,slowly increase the time you close the door but be gentle as you do not want to frighten her.At least that way your house would be safe and you could relax,but most of all YOUR DOG would be SAFE...

Also nothing makes a dog sleep better than plenty Exercise and mental stimulatiion,so i would say a good 40 mins to 1hr walk before bed as well as a good few walks through the day,but remember the dog will need time to wind down and relax before putting in crate....
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My dogs like to chew on soft toys as well as rubber ones they usually dont last long when the 2 boys get them they are usuallt ripped in two in no time but I have found alot of stuffed dog toys at the dollar store so when they get destroyed its not like I wasted alot of money. Maybe you can pick up a few stuffed toys (some rope toys are nice too they last a bit longer) for your pup and see if it helps a bit Good luck My boys eat underwear but they usually dont eat other clothes
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