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new year's

well here i am again planning for 2 more parties. they both maybe quiet, but we got to have food, right???

so new year's eve we will be up early cause hubby's dad is having minore surgery and will be in over night and coming home on new year's day.

so i will probably do munchies with alcohol.

then on new years day my football team will be in the rose bowl and i will be watching so i am going to do a honey baked ham and baked beans and small sides. serve yourself and have a seat. i invited some people, but again the in laws probably won't come.

any suggestions?? what do you serve, if you throw a party.
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Well being that I am 1/2 scottish, this year in honor of my Mom I am going to do what she did every New Year's. We always had Haggis and Stovies and I really miss her since this is my first holiday without her so I want to do this to remember the great times we had on New Year's. I son't drink at all but this year because of all the bad things that have happened I am getting a bottle of wine and wishing this bloody awful year good bye and welcome maybe my lucky year lol. Happy New Year's everyone. Susan & Lexcee
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My parents don't believe in drinking, all it does is mess up your liver, heart and brain cells. Pointless and cause death if your driving. Pointless either-way. You should be able to have fun and ring in the new year without needing booze. Tufgirl, might I tell you something my grandfather told me. Wise old saying...booze will not get rid of your problems or hide them. Booze only makes your problems worse. Sorry to preach but just speaking how I feel and how I was raised.

I will be spending the New year, back home. When I say "back home" I mean at my grandparents. I lived there for 3 years and I considered it my home. They live in Georgia. I leave Wednesday morning and won't get back until Sunday. We always do party poppers, stay up late playing checkers and watching old TV show marathons. This year its the "Night Gallery" marathon. Pop popcorn the old fashioned way, non of this microwave stuff. Just nice to get away from the everyday electronic stuff. By this time my grandparents are tired and I stay up to watch the singing on TV and the ball drop. I have some pizza then head to bed.

I enjoy being with those I love during the new year, and I couldn't imagine another way to ring it in. Someday I won't have my grandparents to ring it in with, and all I will have is memories. Make the best of whatever time they have left, and I do it all without booze or getting drunk. Even with stress on my back. Its not cool, don't impress me when I see people need beer or some other type of booze to have fun.

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Drinking to have fun is a very BAD thing.. Drinking in general is the worst thing that anyone can do.. Drunks kill ppl every single day even if not driving. ppl need to take steps to STOP the drunks and end the RECKLESSNESS
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i thinking is stupid to drink and drive anytime of the year and during new years is even worse.a drunk driver hit me and my mom in her truck when we were at a red light and behind another car.he hit us so hard that he sent the car in front of us into the middle of insection.te drunk was doing 75 in a 45 mph.i got whiplash and mild nerve damage from the accident and my mom had a fructure nose and also total my mom new truck and they had to use the jaws of live to get me out of the truck.i am lucky i walked away my orthopedic doctor said i shouldnot have walked away.i should have been paralyzed waist down.
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New Years parties around here usually include a vegie and dip tray, meat and cheese tray, assorted crackers, Tortilla chips, Chilli-Con-Caso dip, Salsa and a punch bowl. Also a few asst. liquid refreshments.
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I want to clarify something. I DO NOT DRINK. My Mom was a recovering alcoholic and my ex husband is also a recovering alcoholic he has been sober for 14 years now. I do not encourage drinking at all. I only meant that I am going to have a glass of wine to toast away this terrible year. I do not want any of the teens on this site to think that drinking is ok at all. You do not need to drink to have fun at all. I have had fun for the past 30 years or so an not had one drink. It is just that this has been an awful year with putting 2 dogs down, losing my Mom, 2 surgerys, the father of my children died in November and my best friend had a heart attack in November. I am sorry if anyone thought I was saying that drinking was ok, I was only saying what I was going to do this year, something I have never done in previous years. If I offended anyone I am truly sorry.

Dogsrme: I am not trying to solve any problems I am celebrating comming out of a year of complete hell. I solve my problems like an adult and do things to solve them not make them worse. I did not know you would think that I was trying to drown my sorrows. That is something I have never done and never will do. I was trying to be upbeat as I always try to be. So don't worry I will only have one glass lol.
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Confetti =] WOOOO and we usually just get a pizza. Soda pop...ICE CREAM!
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Uhh,im going to someone elses house, which is fine with me because I dont want to pick up after anyone. :-)

But, im sure the usuals...chips,veggies....maybe something special, like truffles...
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