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Chinese legal professionals call for ban on eating cats and dogs

Chinese legal experts call for ban on eating cats and dogs

Widespread and ancient practice of eating dog meat increasingly distasteful for China's growing affluent, pet-loving middle class

Chinese legal experts are proposing a ban on eating dogs and cats in a contentious move to end a culinary tradition dating back thousands of years.
The recommendation will be submitted to higher authorities in April as part of a draft bill to tackle animal abuse.
In ancient times, dog meat was considered a medicinal tonic. Today, it is commonly available throughout the country, but particularly in the north where dog stew is popular for its supposed warming qualities.
In recent years, however, such traditions are increasingly criticised by an affluent, pet-loving, urban middle class. Online petitions against dog and cat consumption have attracted tens of thousands of signatures. Videos showing the maltreatment of farmed dogs have spurred protests at markets where the animals are bought and sold.
But the drafters of the new proposal want far more drastic measures, which would oblige law enforcement authorities to close down thousands of dog restaurants and butchers which supply the meat.
According to the draft, illegal sale or consumption of pets would incur a maximum penalty of 15 days in prison for individuals or a 500,000 yuan fine for businesses. Public security bureaus would be obliged to respond to hotline calls from the public about violations.
"We are proposing that all dog and cat eating should be banned because it is causing many social problems," said Chang Jiwen, a law professor at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences who heads the drafting team.
He said recent murders and thefts related to the dog meat trade showed that it had become a source of tension, while the economic impact of a ban would be small because an increasingly affluent population was less dependent on dog and cat meat.
The proposal reflects changing public opinion and international input. Drafters at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences have been consulting for more than a year with Britain's Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the US-based International Fund for Animal Welfare.

See rest of article at:
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It's about time!
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Definately about time!

I went over to Vietnam for our honeymoon and ended up crying as I saw poor puppies in a little cage on a bike being taken to the restaurant. I was so upset!!
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But don't they also kill dogs for their fur over there? Ban it ALL!
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I've always felt that this practice was wrong. Im glad things are changing over there.

But I also understand that some cultures see nothing wrong with it. I guess that I realize if the land wont allow you to raise pigs, cows and other larger animals ... you have to find something. There are ppl in other countries that think we are terrible for eating cows and pigs too ...
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Originally Posted by BetterDog4U View Post
There are ppl in other countries that think we are terrible for eating cows and pigs too ...
Thats true, very true. But don't those people think that for religious reasons? To say ban cow meat would be to force religion on other people, but the dog/cat thing is more of a companion/ethical thing. But Idk!

I'm very glad that this is happening! And I agree with Momto3, Ban It All!

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a very emotive post K9...thanks for sharing that.

i agree whole heartedly that this practise should be banned and stopped as soon as possible but we have to remember that it originated in a poor country who had little resources to sustain its ever growing population and we should ask ourselves - if we had the choice of starving or eating a dog what would we do??? times have changed and China is a far more affluent country so there is no reason why this tradition needs to continue.

my concern is if they do bring the inevitable legislation in to outlaw this practise how are they going to police it in the far regions of the country where the poorest people live? And will the government subsidise their farming until they are self sufficient with new livestock?

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I think it is a step in the right direction, however I think it will be impossible to enforce. In my opinion, no animal is outside the realm of human consumption. After all, who are we to say that eating a dog is any more abhorent than a person whose religion or culture reveres cows as sacred and witnesses us chowing down on a juicy beef burger.

The only thing that I say should be 100% enforced is the treatment of animals from breeding to butchering. I for one will never eat veal because of the treatment of veal calves in factory farms. When ever possible, I buy meat from butchers/suppliers who get their animals from free range operations. Trust me, the meat is far superior in taste and nutrients and is SO worth the added cost. Factory farms in North America need to be scrutinized as well because there are some serious problems with animal abuses in them. We need to clean up our own backyard. But it is a good step for dogs and cats in China none the less.
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