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Originally Posted by Jr_K9_Expert View Post
Lol thats because we are talking about Cat food vs Dog Food not Pedigree vs Blue Buffalo
HA Ha ha ... good point Steven!!!
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oh gosh! i didn't know that about the moist dog food. ok well, hmmm... i bought a weeks worth to mix with his kibble. i guess i'll just give it to him 1/2 a container in the morning with kibble and 1/2 at night with kibble and when he's done just go back to my dog chow or maybe get him a hard dog food for small dogs. my brother (not brother in law the trainer) feeds his small dog beneful. these are all of course bought at walmart.

what is a decent brand of food to feed my dogs? both large and small?? i'm giving them all green bag dog chow right now. i was switching the chihuahua to ceasar brand dog food but i'm not going to do that now. i just wanted something better for his coat and to compensate for the fact that he doesn't exercise like the other two.

anyway, what about iams? i'm sure they downgraded their ingredients since becoming a mass producer for wal mart but it's the highest priced food there. does that mean it's better? what should i look for in a dog food? i have 1 lab and 1 italian greyhound/chihuahua mix and 1 long haired chihuahua.

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Iams is sold everywhere not just Wal-Mart and it is one of the better brands for overall quality available to the general public. Yes, you can get over priced so called 'premium' dog foods but what you are really buying on a lot of them is the status.

I firmly believe in using a dry kibble just for the cleaning and overall well rounded nutrition in each kibble but I also supplement my dog's food with a home made doggie meatloaf which I call Cassie Casserole. The food is just a slightly modified meatloaf recipe removing some of the extra spices. I like this recipe because I can use up all leftover veggies, etc and can control what goes into it. I stopped using all canned food because I found it was too much fat and sugar in it and stunk.

1-2lbs of lean ground beef or bison
2 eggs
2 cups of oatmeal or rice (brown)
2 or more cups of veggies pureed or finely chopped
1 to 2 cups (depending upon moisture of veggies) of tomatoe soup, low sodium broth or in a pinch water
Worchestershire sauce
1 tsp Garlic powder or crushed garlic (helps with fleas and ticks)

I will also add dairy products like yogurt, sour cream, etc. if I have left overs as the added calcium in these products are good for them. Some dogs have issues with dairy products so use accordingly.

Put it in a pan and cook until done through at 425F.

I portion the food out into plastic snack bags and freeze it and microwave it so it is warm in her dish. At every supper she gets her 1 cup of Iams kibble and 2ounces of Cassie Casserole. Her skin, hair and teeth are beautiful and she no longer turns her nose up at her supper, in fact she is dancing around me yipping telling me to hurry up. LOL
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that's awesome! i'm hoping my photography business takes off when i open so i can afford to upgrade all my dogs' food. i will start skeamer on this and start getting the small bags of iams which should last him a month lol! he's only 6lbs
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I cook for mine all the time but to supplement their kibble. I like Nutro Natural lamb and rice small bites but mainly because I had one severely allergic and this food made a huge difference in his skin and coat. Since I don't have a job anymore, they don't get their $50 a bag dog food every month. I feed them what I can afford which is Purina Small Bites. You could go on any website and get into food wars if you like...what I would like to say is feed the best food you can afford. Supplement with a good vitamin and you're there! I love my dogs seriously but if I'm eating ramen noodles they gotta give some too. Hopefully this will end soon. Meantime I get chicken and turkey when it's on sale and freeze it. Poultry is actually a better source of protein than beef so I hear.
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chicken is a great source of protein. tuna is even better. dont' know if you want it for you or your dog. we are a big into fitness and nutrition family. as far as human food is concerned lol!

dog chow was marked down to 10.00 for a 20lb bag so i switched them from the healthy morsels to the regular dog chow. every little bit counts these days. it's tough but like you said, if we gotta eat generic, they can give too. my husband's aunt cooks chicken thighs and rice for her chi every day and i think that's crazy. to each his own though. i used to cook once a week for my dogs but i don't have the time anymore.

we workout everyday but i've been ill lately and watching my husband do p90x and i'm jealous! i'm training for 5ks right now so i can't do a workout like that. i have to stick to cardio and that's great for my dogs. i do wonder about the whole fitness and nutrition for dogs though. just like after we workout we use a recovery drink and protein to aid in muscle recovery, do dogs need the same thing?

and btw, p90x was given to us by my brother in law. i don't want ya'll to think we spend frivilously on crap and suffer in other areas lol! if i had to pay for it, i would have developed my own plan and he'd just have had to been happy with that. luckily though, his brother bought it and decided he really didn't need it. he spends 4 hours in the gym every day anyway...
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yeah, I wouldn't suggest that's not sold as "pet"'s cat and dog, individually, so better to not switch them up between animals. Might not get the right things, might make them sick, you never know..not worth the risk.
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