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Question Brace vs Surgury

Well my trainer said to me this week Shara is not fit to compete in an obedience trial simply because she is holding her leg up too much from the luxating patillia. I do not know what I am going to do, the surgury is so expensive...I am thinking of getting her a brace from this site:

My parents think if she needs the surgury, to go ahead and do it, but I am she is a very wussy/emotional an extream...last time I took her to the vet she got sick, just from the emotional trama of going to a vet. She barley survived her spay operation a year ago, now I know what happened, she was such a nervous wreck that she developed an ulcer and it burst...(huge HUGE puddle of blood and such she threw up...)

So I am stuck on what to do...try her on a brace, which is a lot cheaper but not a permint solution or give her the surgury and hope she doesnt have a relapse of SAD (seperation anxiety disorder) =.="""""
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The surgery works very well. There was a rat terrier on my flyball team and no more holding up her leg after the surgery. If you are going to make her a performance dog, you need to give her the best of care. I would take her to an orthopedic vet to find out what is best for her in general, more importantly, if you need her to perform, then you need to get a professional opinion on what is going to be the least painful and efficient for her.
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Have you tried dealing with her issues with the vet visits? Try taking her to the vet clinic for no reason (walk in, get a treat, and walk out; repeat only stay a bit longer each tiime) to get her less fearful of the place, the smells and get over any past negative experiences.

As for the surgery, it is 100% effective, the brace isn't a guarantee. She may have to have it done in the end anyway so why waste money on the brace.

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I have a strange situation when it comes to this... Leo always has to be difficult! LOL He has had to have surgery twice and will have to have a third but his problem isn't typical, I have seen lots have the surgery with no problem and heal well. I would do the surgery now while she is younger as opposed to waiting until she is older and won't reccuperate as well.
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aw, poor doggie!
try the brace out first, it's good to try other things before going in for surgery, maybe sign up for insurance and see if you could get that covered so it won't be as expensive, and as a last resort get surgery.

hope that Shara has it taken care of! good luck!
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