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Chihuahua craze unhealthy?

Chihuahua craze bad for the dog’s health

by Lianne Wilkinson on May 25, 2011
People attempting to imitate socialite, millionairess and Internet sensation Paris Hilton by carrying their dog around with them in their handbag could be doing the dog more harm than good. The demand for so called “handbag dogs” has increased of late, largely due to Paris Hilton, along with the misconception that the dogs need very little looking after.
This was seen with Chihuahua Camilla, who has been rescued by an animal sanctuary in Edenfield, Bury, Greater Manchester. The manager of the Bleakholt animal sanctuary, Neil Martin, hit out at this latest trend concerning small dogs and said:
“Camilla has been a designer pet and carried around in a handbag like you often see stars such as Paris Hilton doing. She has been treated like a fashion accessory then dumped because her owners couldn’t be bothered to help her.”
“Dogs are not meant to be carried around in a bag and do not learn to socialise if they are always hemmed in. Camilla is suffering from some sort of allergy which is causing her to lose her fur but we will get to the bottom of it and fix it.”

See rest of article at:
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I don't carry a handbag, but at the height of the Paris Hilton thing, I had just gotten a 7 week old yellow Lab. I found myself standing out in the street talking to a tree removal crew while holding her.

Where I can, I always have my puppies on the ground on leash, but that isn't the best at times.
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One of my former co-workers brought in her chocolate Chi all dressed in pink sweats and proceeded to hang out with us on the asphalt. Not so good for that little one. I have a few friends whose dogs actually LIKE being dressed up but they're not in hot and humid Floriduh! I had one dog who had bad skin and he loved it when I treated his skin and put his tee-shirt on to keep the meds on his skin. For the most part - mine don't even wear their's just too hot here.
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I own a 3 lber...who walks everywhere. =] The only time I'll carry her is if we head into a dog-friendly store..and I'm not positive of the last time she pottied. =]

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Same thing happened with Dalmations way back when with 101 Dalmations...trends can be fun and such but not when it deals with another creatures life...

People need to grow up.
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it is very sad the way some people will treat a dog as a trendy item or a fashion accessory and when they go out of style or need some looking after they just cast them aside as if they where an blouse that is no longer in style, but they are not! they are living and breathing! they cannot and should not every be considered and accessory but instead they should be considered a friend! No one should ever purchase a dog because they liked the one in a movie! whatever you do whether it is adopt or purchase an animal a lot of time needs to be put into researching the breed, and planning for every situation that could possibly happen. A living breathing animal should never be purchased or adopted on impulse or because they're trendy. But that's just my two cents and i'm sure a lot of you agree. it is so sad to think of those poor animals who did nothing wrong and are paying the price for the mistakes of their foolish, impulsive owners
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