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it is a hard decision and all i suggest is if the vet feels that she will have a good quality of life then see how it goes but if they cant get her off the oxygen then be with her and help her go peacfully to rainbow bridge, it is hard i had to do it last year with my 18 year old gsdxlab who lost the use of his back legs but we are all like a family here and will support you and llisten and be a shoulder to cry on or laugh with you
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Originally Posted by fifi2008 View Post
Please help! My 14 y/o female PEKE FIFI, is on oxygen tank now for 24 hrs...has been on IV all week for kidney failure. Her kidney function has improved, but now they cant take her off oxygen yet. The main concern was to get her kidneys strong enough to start expelling the fluid from her is working, but slowly. How long should she continue this process. Spends the day at the vet and the nights at the ER clinic. I feel like someone should have given her full blood panel (the third vet i took her too did the initial one) and they would have seen she had kidney failure before prescribing and injecting her with lasix. Now this is delaying her recovery. THey CHF was sudden onset with symptoms of heavy breathing and later fainting and convulsions even after they put her on Lasix, Vetmedine, and analopryl.

Please help...anyone else suffer this? It has been 8 days now. SHould I give up? She's not.

It is very hard to know when it is kinder to let her go as you say she has not given up.The end prognosis is death from ccf the pet is on 02 now which only occurs in advanced ccf the vet is not going to recommend anything less as he gets paid do your homework understand ccf the lungs are filling up with fluid,that will eventually cause her to drown in her own fluid,she can limp along,but you have to be god sorry MiMi
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Sorry, but as others have pointed out you have to face the fact that your little one is at the end of her life. The greatest gift you can give her for her years of companionship and love is a gentle passing, not a lingering death.

It is the most difficult decision in the world but one most all pet owners will have at face eventually.

We are all here for you what ever you decide.

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That decision is definitely not easy. I am so sorry to hear about her poor health. I hope that she will recover, but you know what would be best for you and for her. Good luck and hang in there!
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