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Japanese pampering aging pets

Owners lavishing care on aging pets

Akiko Yoshinaga / Yomiuri Shimbun Staff Writer
The average life span of the nation's pet dogs and cats is getting longer, prompting many owners to take out nursing care and medical insurance services for their animals.
At Let's, a care service provider for pets in Edogawa Ward, Tokyo, a dog with patches of missing hair looked happy as its hind legs were bathed in warm water containing lavender herb essence.
Minori Ito, 36, a caregiver for animals--a job title certified by the pet-related industry--scratched the dog behind its ears and rubbed its head with a towel.
Ito explained that when dogs get older, they can suffer from poor blood flow, shoulder discomfort and difficulties with controlling body temperature.
In human terms, the 16-year-old dog is about 80 or so, Ito added.
The dog has been visiting the establishment twice a week since late last year. Ito takes the dog for a walk, gives it snacks to strengthen its jaw and provides other care until the evening.
The dog's owner, a 54-year-old company employee can concentrate on her job while her pet is being cared for.
"After my parents passed away, I'm the only one who can care for my dog. This day service is very convenient," the woman said.
Let's, which opened in February 2007, has 10 staffers who work at the facility and visit pet owners' homes.
The company also offers counseling for animal lovers. Recently, it has been helping owners who feel fatigued due to taking care of elderly dogs.
Let's manager, 45-year-old Yuko Miura, said, "While dogs, cats and other pets are living longer than before, the number of people who can look after them has been decreasing due to the prevalence of nuclear families.

See rest of article:
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We received a nice gift Friday night. The lady that trained several of our puppies at dog guide school is retiring. We know the partner of the one quite well and she lives in the area. She put together a little booklet giving the history of the one dog from birth until we had to put her to sleep at 15 last fall. She made an extra copy for her. The dog retired as a dog guide at 10 and returned to spend her last 5 years with us. The partner made it quite obvious she was pleased with the care we gave the dog and he quality of life with us.
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I read the title of this thread as the process of "Japanese Pampering" was aging pets. I was about to say make 'em stop.
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I think the Asians have a much better attitude towards aging than in the U.S. Here old pets and old people are soo disposable it's just ridiculous! I have three elder dogs given up on by even rescue and given to me but they are thriving here. They just need a little extra help. I have two "children" close to their 40's and they think they can dictate my life. They have no respect for me whatsoever. The job market here is insane! Every lay-off look at the's people over 50 who get the ax. Things now are just too sad.
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