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Annual Blood tests for your senior

I just wanted to remind everyone that around 7, 8, or 9 dependent on your vet, you should start doing annual blood panel for your senior dog to catch age related medical problems. My Opie (12) just had her 2nd one this year and I am waiting patiently because the first blood test showed a high amount of calcium which could mean lymphoma. Since she was 11 she gets one every 6 months. Whatever it is maybe we will catch it in time because we do the blood tests.
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I get them twice a year, I have to with the the Rimadyl and Tramadol he is on... The only bad thing so far is a High normal Cholesterol... whoops, king chunky butt likes his pizza too much me thinks...
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I have to get Jessie a blood panel done every three months because of her Addisons (hooray!!! used to be every two weeks lol), And Sugar every three months as well because of her meds.

I agree its a great idea. Sometimes it is the only thing that can catch an issue going on.

What clued the vets in to testing Jessie for the Addisons was a blood panel!

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I agree, when I had Gizmo he had it done twice a year, it is better to be safe than sorry and it is so easy to get a blood test done and catch anything early, we do it for ourselves why not for our pets. Susan
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I have never heard of these blood tests. In the U.K we are not offered these. Do you have to ask for these or are they standard, as I have a 12 year old goldie I find this very interesting.
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You should also have a Specific urine test done on them, I cannot for the life of me remember what it is called but I will find out and add to this post. It is to check for protein amounts in the urine. By the time this problem shows up in the blood test 75% of their renal function is gone! The urine test will catch it much earlier at about 25%. I like that number alot better, still time to help them....
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