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Princess and Bella

well i was trying to attach a photo here but it's not working so i'll just have to do it later.

I have 4 dogs right now. 2 large, 2 small. the smaller dogs for the most part are well behaved. the italian greyhound bit me the other day which was out of character for him but oh well. it happened and i'm over it.

the two large dogs are way differet in age. my choc lab, Bella is 4 months old and princess who is my boxer/pitt mix is 6 yrs old. Bella works her nerves too lol! we were outside working today on retrieving. Princess has issues releasing on comand and especially when bella is around she will hold on to whatever i'm using. I've got my hands in the dogs' mouth trying to pry it open and everything. most people tell me that she doesn't look like she's part pitt, but i'm telling you, the way those jaws lock up?! there's no denying it Bella, has only worked on retrieving once or twice before but she's a natural as she should be. She retrieves and as soon as she comes to me, she releases and sits on command! i LOVE this dog!

now given that experience, i'm starting to realize that different activities benefit different dogs. Princess, though she enjoys running and playing, may not so much be best suited for "fetch". I've never had this type dog before. i've had dobies in the past but they liked to exercise and were quite good at fetch and obedience. I've had a husky and she was good at everything but best at hide and seek. What activities can be used to help this dog get some type of activity and have fun? she constantly gives me the "play with me" stance, you know, but in air, tail wagging, head down? I want to give her play time, but i don't know many other dog games than fetch and obedience. she's overweight and has never "played" before. She saw the dog next door playing one day and ever since, she's been initiating play time. anyway, any suggestions would be great! thanks!!!
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