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Been Around A While
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Congratulations on educating yourself to the breed and never giving up.
That is the secret of success with dogs.
Congratulations on the soon to arrive Springer.
I know that will be a wonderful relationship as well and much easier than what you have been through.
If Springers are like Cockers, they are so determined to please, they are easy to train and easy to spoil.
Casey is well socialized and well trained and obedient but she suffers from deafness when a squirrel is on the ground in her vicinity LOL
She is very sensitive and reacts very fearfully when a voice in raised at her.
You never have to yell at her other than when the squirrel is around. LOL
But you must be firm and consistent with Casey or she will wrap you around her little paw and suck you when she wants a treat and did not earn it.....she sits and begs and rolls over and amateurs have been known to get fooled with her. She is food motivated and would likely be double her weight if allowed too many treats.
She is lovable and shares my couch, my bed and my sandwich occasionally.
If I eat an apple, I have to share. If I have boiled eggs, she will do cartwheels for those...yummy.
She is quiet and not a barker without just cause (like Jake barking incessantly at something)
She loves meeting other cockers and adores puppies. She will cautiously approach larger dogs to gauge their potential as a new friend.
When the doorbell rings, she goes into wiggle-butt mode and is poised in front of the door waiting for the next "best friend" to enter and make a fuss of her.
Cocker Spaniels so not do well in a home where they are left alone all day.
Casey suffers from separation Anxiety when I leave her very long.
I adopted Jake the 10 yr old Jackabea as a companion for her.
No more howling when I leave them...They comfort each other nicely.
I cannot say enough about this sweet natured adorable breed of dog.
They also need the right breeder, the right owner and the right trainer.
Terrible waste of a perfect dog if these things are not in place.

Jake - Rainbow Bridge 12/19/08

Adopted by: Casey the Cocker 8 yrs
and Tia the ShihTzu 6 months
in Peterborough ONT Canada
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Been Around A While
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Hi Carol-
Thanks for your comments
It sounds as if you struck a great balance with Casey and Jake. Casey sounds very much like a Springer Spaniel I knew for 13 yrs- Sigmund has passed on. He was my best friends dog. It was Sigmund who inspired me to go Springer this time around.
I really hope I can get "Rio" to be a therapy dog. I will have to see how well I can train before I know for sure. I think Springers (and it sounds like Casey)could be fantastic in that role because of their trusting and people pleasing nature!
I have attached a photo of Sigmund and his mom, Sadie. Sadie lived to 15yrs and Sigmund to 12yrs- he had cancer. Sigmund died not too long ago-I still am grieving him. I got very close to him when he lived with me for 2 yrs.

I love the antics that Casey does for food. It made me laugh! Cagney, being motivated by food, will get in the direct line of eye contact-blocking the TV and she knows if she sticks with it long enough....I am a sucker.


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Minature Dachshund

Hi, I've the happy new owner of a Minature Dacshund smooth Black and Tan. He's adorable but it's difficult to share information as I rarely see any others on our walks and wondered what others who own them have to say about the breed and their traits? He's quite a character for such a tiny fellow and very responsive to obedience training.
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