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Manchester Terrier owner here?


does anyone else here has a Manchester Terrier?

My Anna is about 5 years old and a typical MT. She is very intelligent, energetic and can be quite stressfull if unchallenged.

She is our first MT and when we got her we were very surprised and did not no how to handle her.
The first two years of her life she has been in a kennel and had her first litter very ealy in her life. She was about 1 year old when she got 3 puppies.
The breeder finally sold her because she would be in heat just once a year and therefore he cannot keep here any longer in his kennel. (Before we spayed her she was in heat twice within 1 year....)

Afterwards we learned that the real reason for giving her away was that she was very dominant and as they kept her only in the house and the garden all day she was bored and unchallenged. This made her a very stressfull dog, destroying things in the house, dominating the other dog the breeder bought and voiding in the house.
They didnīt go for long walks with her. They did not let her knowing other dogs or play with them. They even did not educate her.

So when we got her, she was a very challenging dog. She never had been socialized. She did not know other dogs but their own mother. So we began socializing her at the age of 2 years.
We learned that we have to work with her. After 1 year of privat lessons with a dog trainer we began obedience lessons and agility training.

Now she is a wonderfull dog. She can run with other dogs and play with them without being aggressive. She does not bark every time we leave her alone in the house. And we are so proud of her.

Of course, we could not make the first 2 years of her life unhappen but we were able to help her being a happy dog.



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