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Bad Breeder - anyone else ever bought a Min Pin from Kitchener?

We have a 1 year old Min Pin that has the genetic condition of Petella luxation in his back left leg. He requires a surgery that is going to cost me $2,000. That's not including the $444.00 i already spent getting the condition diagnosed by two different vets, one being an small animal ortho surgeon.

We have contacted the breeder and asked him to honor the genetic clause in his contract of half the selling price for our little guy. He says no way he will only take our dog back and give us a new dog, cause that will be cheap for him.
Obviously we are not going to give him our dog, and why would i take another dog from him that may possibly also be defective?

So i am looking for anyone else who may have bought a dog off this very bad breeder, to see if patella issues have come up for any of his other dogs.

Also, ANYONE at all that has done this surgery on their dog: how did it turn out? did it fix the problem?

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I have a neighbour with a 20 yr old small poodle that had hip replacements at some point in his life. This dog has been their "child" and they certainly gave it everything it needed for a "long" happy life. It is blind but still walking and going outside to do least when I saw him a couple of weeks ago. I cannot believe how long a dog can live with good vet care and very loving owners.
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I had a GSD that had enzyme deficiency. We put her to sleep last Christmas, she was 1 year old and it broke our hearts.
The reason we put her to sleep was because she was nervous because of her condition and had already shown agressive behaviour towards anything or anyone she did not know ( including children).
Whilst the cost of her medical care was expensive it was not the deciding factor in our decision. By all accounts we could have had her for many years but the agression towards the unknown would have always been there and we decided not to take the chance of her biting someone.
We had been in contact with the breeder from the time we bought her and she was fully aware of the situation and always gave us the choice of another dog or a full refund.
We decided to take another dog and we have never looked back. She has not been to the vet except for vacs. I know it is a very difficult decision but if you can find out more about the breeder and the replacement dogs genetic line it will make the decision easier.
The breeder will only put your dog to sleep himself, So if you can provide evidence that the dog has a problem, the breeder should honour the contract and if he has any decency he should let you keep your dog and give you a replacement, if thats what you want. If you are not happy with the outcome, you can always let the kennel club know and they can " blacklist " the breeder.

Good luck
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