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barking mad

Brigit has started barking at everything and nothing while inside. I swear, she has to be neurotic or something. She's a smart dog, and she knows what I want, but watching her, it's like she can't help it.

Nothing's working to stop her. We go outside to show her ther'es nothing there, we tell her thank you for alerting us to the "danger". We can ever squirt her from a water bottle, and she keeps barking. and I know doxies are supposed to be barkers, but this is rediculous. I don't mind alarm barking, but there needs to be something there to bark at.

Any suggestions?

Oh, she gets plenty of excersize, and a few training sessions every day, so it can't be a lack of excersize or stimulation. I think she's just a really tightly wound dog, and she's a little nutty from bad breeding, bc she looks more like a chiweenie than a pure dachshund.
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Does she go nuts when a doorbell rings? or someone knocking on the door?
Or someone passing by on a bike or walking a dog?

It is a hard situation, do you want her to alert when someone is at the door, ect?

If you want to kinda brake the habit, I would kinda set her up to correct her. Have her on leash and have someone ring the door bell, that way you have her under controll.

Stand infront of the door, and claim the door by walking to her, if she keeps coming forwards barking, keep claiming till she is calm. Then open the door, if she goes forward again, again you have to reclaim. I would have waterbottle in hand as well. I also would put a command to it...OR you could train her to go to her bed or something. You could eventually train her that if the doorbell goes off, thats her cue to go to her bed if you wanted to go far with it

My doxie is very anti-bark but my Taz the min pin was notoriously highstrung, but even this exercises ended the crazyness. Yes she would still alert when the doorbell went off, but once someone was at the door answering it, she backed off.

I have my chaweenie Tayla, and she did the same as Brigit for a while till I learned to "claim" the door, like Victoria on "its me or the dog" There are a lot of episodes on her program that show how to claim doors and such.
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Yes, I do still want the alarm barking. I can get her to quit if someone comes in. It's just huge amounts of random barking at nothing. I thought it might be something that ppl just can't hear, but neither of the boys register anything when she starts up. The doorway is mine, we learned that one early, bc she's quick, and we didn't want her running out. We're working on getting them all to their bed when we go to open the door. They're slowly getting it. They all do it if we're eating now. But I just don't know what to do about her crazy barking. I'm starting to think it's just a result of bad breeding, or possibly the first weeks of her life in a kennel did something to her brain. She's the weirdest dog I've ever met.
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I'm thankful that Sheetza doesn't bark for nothing, just hearing her bark when theres someone outside is annoying in itself. We like it because it let us know that something is going outside, but its so high pitched that it bugs me. Here are some links that might help, I'm sure you've seen them before but it might have something that will help?

My dog article site - K9Domain
My dog blog - Dog Notes
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All those seem to be about doorbell barking. This is just crazy barking. I think quite literally crazy. She barks at the doorbell, and I tell her quiet, and I get a quiet dog. I tell her speak, then quiet, and I still have a quiet dog. This is her jumping up from a sleep with all her hair standing up growling and barking like she's lost her tiny dog mind. While the boys just look at her like she's stupid. Or it can start while she's awake. And most of these times I can't get her to take a treat, but when she does, she inhales it and continues barking. I can pick her up, kennel her, try to distract with her favorite toy, walk away into another room. None of it works. I think that if I were to stick my hand in front of her face, I'd get bit.

And after she's done barking, she'll just trot away happily, back to whatever she was doing before. It's the craziest thing I've ever seen.
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I don't know if it's a breed-specific thing but my Maxwell (cocker rescue) used to bark crazily when he got out of his shell after coming home. A rescue lady told me to spend some time to teach him what I wanted him to bark at. I had to get up no matter what time and go look. Not going outside at night..uh uh. Good dog and lotsa attention if it was something I wanted to know about and NO BARK if it was something I didn't care about. NO bark also included a finger on his muzzle and escorted back to bed. Good dog included a treat and special cuddles. Took a while. Lotsa lost sleep. Don't know what clicked but knew he got it when one night it sounded like a helicopter landed on my roof and slid down the side and he stayed quiet except for an under-the-breath grrr. Saw nothing the next day and no damage.
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