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I don't think Labs are "bad" either..

I was having a bit of a joke before, my dogs aren't "bad" or "naughty" dogs..

As most dogs, they sometimes like to test the boundaries, are hyper, etc..

My Lab is a very well behaved dog. He hardly ever puts a paw out of line, and I wouldn't hesitate in buying another Lab in the future..!

Personal preference really!
Proudly owned by Sammie, Kai and Zeekie (kitten), who I love to death xo

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I suspect many trainers don't see many of the smaller breeds that deserve to be on the list. People put up with all sorts of stuff from a Chihuahua, that would earn a Lab a trip to the pound.

I wasn't surprised to see Labs on it. They are terrible chewers and many are very strong willed. Great dogs for people that know what they are doing, but can run over the unsuspecting.

Perhaps Huskies aren't that common. Great dogs, highly intelligent. The trouble is, while they may understand exactly what you want, they know how to get what they want, without doing it.
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Originally Posted by LoveMyLabs View Post
What do you mean "bad Labs in the states"??? There are untrained Labs, yes. But bad? Elaborate please
There are soooo many labs around, and since they're popular, they end up in homes that aren't prepared for them, and they turn destuctive/agressive due to lack of excersize, etc. I'm with the idea that it's the people who have the dogs, not the dogs themselves. Any individual dog from any breed could be "good" or "bad" depending on the owner. In my experience, a lot of ppl don't bother to train their labs bc they're labs. I've had several labs at the dog park jump on me, knock me over, bark at me, etc. The response from most owners is "don't worry, (s)he's friendly." That's not my problem, my problem is your dog isn't behaved and I have scratches all over me from your "friendly dog".

Lovemylabs: I know labs are your breed of choice, and I'm sure that yours are lovely. I've had a string of bad luck with them, and I don't particularly care for them. I don't hate them, I just see a lot of inexperienced and uncaring owners with labs around here. We have a lot of dogs that are outside all the time, and get loose and chase you, thngs like that. But again, I think any dog breed has it's good and bad representatives.
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As a lab owner all my life I am of the firm belief that it isn't the dog that is naughty or bad it is the owner - 100%. The lab is a very friendly, loving, good natured dog, without a bad or nasty bone in its body and like LabMan stated, it is usually the little dogs that have the negative traits that are tolerated by people and thought of as 'oh so cute' where if it was in a big dog like a lab it results in abandonment in a shelter or death. People forget that labs are a sporting high energy breed that need the attention and training to be the good dogs that they are naturally.

If labs are so 'bad' or 'naughty', why then are they the #1 dog used for such an important job as being a guide dog, assistance dog, therapy dog?

Lists like this further vilify dogs and lead to the idiocy of breed specific legislation. They are as dumb as the people who come up with them. IMO
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Dogs like people. They like attention. They are "man's best friend". I don't mind having a dog jump up. There are ways to hold their paws so you don't get scratched. However, I would rather be the one offering to have a dog jump on me and not just have it jump cause it thinks it can.
That's why we're finally getting our Labs to not jump on everyone. They are still very excited to see people and will go in circles or bounce but no real jumping anymore.

I know Labs are one of the most overbred dogs (listed on AKC). What about the dogs that aren't accounted for? The ones that aren't papered or are mixed breed "designers" that can't have legit papers. Just a thought to ponder. It's not only the Labs that are in abundance out there.
Tony, Kim, Gunner & Tira.
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Abolutely, these lists are quite retarded, aren't they? ANybody could make a list like that with any breed being "naughty". Dogs are what we make of them.
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Hey, why arent Ghans on the list?

I think I have the naughtiest dog in Australia! LMAO!

No.....not really....she is just an Affie through and through!
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In all honesty I don't think it has anything to do with breed. Naughty dogs are naughty dogs. They are like children sometimes they just get a little michevious. Notices Shih Tzu not on the list either. lol. Hugs Susan and the often naughty Lexcee
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And Papillon! Oh Gizmo would terrorize you poor Aussies.. =[

The Mckibbens

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Belle & Tucker

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Red face It Doesn't Matter

Bwa, both my dogs on list--GSD and Cocker Spaniel.

FYI I think these lists are based on personal experinces with training dogs. Obvioulousy the trainer had some reason to name the breeds on the list, and it prob. means that he has had more issues with these breeds then others.

However, though Labradors are good dogs like any other dogs they can be destructive if they fall into the wrong hands, like ANY other breed. It doesnt matter if they are used most often for guide dogs, they still can be destructive, like any other breed.

I do agree with you on the small dog/big dog thing, small dogs get away with too much, and too often you see many large dogs in shelters, whilse not many small dogs, and if there IS a small dog they are adopted immediatley. There is a high demans for smaller breeds such as, Shih Tzus, Yorkshire Terriers, Lhapso Apso's, Maltese's and Long-Haired Chihuahuas.

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