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Originally Posted by J. Hall View Post
At 6 months she is probably still teething chew toys everywhere. Bones everywhere. Good luck!

Years back my scottie Maggie chewed holes into plaster walls- we found she was a of exceeding intelligence and needed brain stimulation! we did this by hiding treats when we went out so that she had a puzzle to solve-

we would show her 7 or 10 little bones- hold her in one room and go hide them in another- when we would get home she was sleepy and the bones usaly all gone- luckily she grew out of this by the time we ran out of new places- we also mixed up the treats we used-

with our new girl Madison diversity is the spice of life- she wont eat treats once she has had her fill- so training is tuffffff when intrest int he reward has worn off-> we found Waggin-Train-Chicken-Jerky-Tenders... make her just lay down and lick- not chew but lick so many try them!
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Originally Posted by christina30 View Post
she had diarrhea last night but she was still active. today she was outside still with diarrhea but a few hours ago is when she got like this, laying around not wanting to get up and throwing up. She is allergic to grass but she has to go outside, so I know she has allergies but I am waiting on my husbands friend to see what he can do since he knows alot about pits. If he cant treat her then I will take her to the vet and let them treat her and let them keep her til I can pay for it but at least she will be ok. Thanks yall
Just remember, a lot of vets clinics if you tell them you can't afford care the good ones will let you post date a check. Mine does at least. I have seen some very desperate people there begging for care and that's what the vet said. The people were so relieved.
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I put one of the rawhide chews in the freezer overnight, I wet it first. When I gave it to him he just loved it. So I kept one in the freezer all of the time. It seemed to help with his teething. Hope this helps

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well...i think it could be bordum..... Exsercise id assentaul in this breed. I agree with a kong ball...and pits love chew toys and they really love "tug-o-war" toys. Big bones and toys are a great thiong to keep your dog busy.....hope he gets better

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Hey Everyone! I Have 3 Pits. They Love To Chew Everything In Sight Lol. Make Sure To Keep Them Busy With All Kinds Of Different Toys. They Love Ropes And Mine Really Love Frizzbes. They Have To Have Alot Of Exercise. My Male Also Got Parvo A Year Ago And Almost Died From It. Be Glad That You Got It Soon. My Dog Was Only Acting Sick For Maybe 2 Days But He Was Still Eating A Little Bit And Drinking Water Which Are 2 Of The Main Signs. Im Glad Your Dog Is Doing Better.
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