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Well a lot has happened since I took the time to post.

I have received tons of help with those questions and especially websites. Our family has been to the library and checked out all the books that pertained to our breed and our desires to breed.

The family we purchased our dog from did not do genetic testing. The family we are considering purchasing a female or male from did not do genetic testing. I am still not sure if I will and plan to discuss it with our vet soon to get all the specifics and make a decision. If I do plan to do testing I will before we purchase another. If our male is not in good standing to breed we for sure will not.

We have been raising our male now for over a year and have now learned some training ideas that will greatly help all of us. I wish I would have got Tiger akc registered when we first got him. I just didn't realize the benefits and all the info available there for first time puppy owners. I have read up on their site, their book, got a video yesterday we are going to watch as a family today.

We are focusing on training Tiger at the moment. He still runs off if the front door gets opened, he is sometimes peeing on the carpet upstairs in the hallway same place although we have had the carpets cleaned a few times, and doesn't sit still when we groom him or even the ladies at the groomer. We have got tons of treats and have positively reinforced him many times and he is doing a lot better.

Our family went last Saturday to see the new litter and of course they were so cute. We plan to visit them a few times a week. They only live 5 minutes from our home.
Tami Bach
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I'm glad you're studying up and making an informed decision about what to do. I hope you were able to glean some ideas from the replies that you got. We can get a little carried away sometimes, but it's just that we are all such dog lovers here. Good luck with whatever your decision.

Post some pics of Tiger if you have the time. We love to get to know dogs by their pics and stories about them.
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I'm really glad you are doing all of the research. It shows that you really care. If or when you decide to have a litter, it is good to know that you will know what to expect and what to do.

After all, looking out for the well being of ALL dogs is what we at K9 are all about. As elsasmom says, we are dog lovers and we just want the very best them.
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Ditto on the last two posts!

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Ditto the last three posts! Its great you are deciding to get all your homework done before taking on a huge responsibility, we could only wish others would do the same.

Even though the people you bought pups from didn't do testing, its good to seriously consider the very least the OFA testing. That way you know that the hard fruits of your labor will pay off with nice healthy pups.

Originally Posted by Danielle View Post
Oh Elsasmom, you should be glad you are here instead of another forum that Steven and I know of! LOL!

Wink, wink, Steven, you know where Im talking about!
Hehe yes I know! You guys should see some of the debates on DF! K9 is definite a great community, a couple skirmishes are unavoidable but one isn't likely to find another forum like this one

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Why am I always missing the good debates? LOL.
I'm always searching for debates such as this, I find them intresting, nice to see other's views.

Good luck.
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Talking Thats great

visit this website if you dare
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