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Question Organic dog food

So we humans loves to eat organic foods. We love the idea of eatin' healthy, no chemicals in our food, all natural. Now the question, should we feel the same the same way with our little ones? Should our fur covered friends be eatin' organic dog food?
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There is nothing fundamentally wrong with "organic" dog foods, but be careful. These are usually made by smaller companies, and generally aren't regulated as tightly as the larger commercial diets, so they may not be as safe (despite the recent problems with the large company canned diets). There is also no real benefit to the organic diets. If your dogs are doing just fine on what you're feeding them, there's no reason to change. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!
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I totall agree with you agvet have a REALLY nice looking dog
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Of course it's better! No preservatives, organic meats. Nothing needs to eat the chemicals campanies pump into foods, dogs or ppl. I suggest you try eating some organic foods and see how much better it makes you feel. Then think about how good it will make your baby feel.
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Ah well, I figure I'll stick with what's been working for the past 3 years. If you don't have the money for organic one week then you have to go back to what you used to use or give something else anyways...which isn't good for the dogs digestion. If organic isn't cheap for people, it won't be cheap for dogs.
I like my meat and figure my dogs (who descended from wolves - who LOVE meat) like meat as well. Yes, they do get meat from time to time. As for the preservatives, colors, excessive grains, etc. They may not be the best for them, but we eat the same kinds of stuff daily and, as long as you watch how much you eat, calories, etc. you are usually pretty o.k.
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Extensive research has been done on the preservatives, etc. present in dog foods and has shown no real adverse effects. Any adverse effects that were found to be caused by the additives were caused when they were fed ridiculous amounts of the substance at much much higher levels than they are present in the food (think like, 100X) for an extended period of time (think a year +). Also, if I'm going to have a bag of dog food in my house for a month or so while I'm feeding it to my dogs, I would like it to have some sort of preservative in it so I'm not feeding rotten food by the end of the bag. The grains and other non-meat products in foods are also not that big of a deal. A bit excessive in alot of commercial diets, but then again, dogs are not pure carnivores. They are far more omnivorous than say, cats. In the wild, wolves have quite a bit of carbohydrate in their diet, as do feral dogs. Anyway, like I said, there's nothing fundamentally wrong with organic diets, but regular ole' diets are fine too. And I don't care how much organic food you buy for yourself, you eat LOTS of preservatives and chemicals every day. That feeling better while you're eating organic food is called "placebo effect".
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I watched a show one day about organic fruits and vegetables. The doctor made a very great point. A carrot is a carrot. There is not nutritional value added to fruits and vegetables that are organic. I do believe though we use too many pesticides and fertilizers and I think that's where organic is a benefit. But I agree with LML...with the price of produce...the organic stuff is extremely expensive. I pay almost 2.67 for a dozen eggs that are organic from free range chickens and can get the same dozen for a little over a dollar from a different brand where the chicks are caged and fed regular old food. When you add that up over your grocery bill it really adds to your budget.
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Mine eat holistic, and they look and act better than ever before. I'll never feed anything with junk fillers again. We had some skin and allergy problems we didn't even know we had.
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Here's a pretty good article on organic. If I had the extra money for what it cost, I'd probably be feeding Karma by Natura. It's sold here right beside Innova that I currently feed.

BTW-agvet09 perhaps you haven't heard of BHT and BHA. Perhaps you should read this.


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I feed mainly dry with a little can for taste and texture. I did switch from can to the Three Dog Bakery pouches and wow do the dogs love it alot more. I checked with the company and nothing is made or made from anything outside this country. My puppy also loves pa newmans organic canned food. I haven't checked them out yet. Has anyone heard of dinobite, it sounds too good to be true!
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