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Addison's Disease?

My eyeballs are crossed for all the info I've been reading today but I thought maybe someone here might be able to help.

My daughter's Great Dane has been disgnosed with Addison's Disease and I am stymied why the pooch is not on Prednisone twice per day. One of my original clan was on Pred for Hemolytic Autoimmune disease and I remember the vet stating very strongly to time her Pred 12 hours apart as closely as possible. Daughter's pooch spent all day Saturday and part of Sunday at the emergency vet but crashed again last night...roughly 12 hours after her original Prednisone dose. After some preliminary research all I could think of was Gatorade which she drank greedily and I got a promise from daughter to take the dog back to the vet this morning which she did but to a different vet cause the ER vet techs people were horribly rude and unhelpful. I understand the regular vets don't have much experience with so-called "exotic" diseases but I hate the fact they cannot even try! You went to vet school didn't you?! I digress. During the "loading period" should'nt the pooch be on two doses of Pred per day?
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