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Smile What treats do you use and why?

Hello Everyone,

I am Tiffany and I am here (on this forum ) with my sweetheart Abby.

Abby is our 1 year old Rottie, New Finland mix.

Just curious what kind of "specialty treats" people are using with their dogs?

A friend of mine suggested that by putting raw eggs on top of my Abbygirl's food it would keep her coat shiny and make the food taste better for her.

Thanks for any and all feedback!

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raw eggs can be dangerous ... a high quality food can do the same with NO risk.

The "Specialty Treat" market has gotten WAY out of hand. Everybody and thier brother has a website that sells some kind of "specialty treat" product for twice as much as you can get them in your local store. Plus shipping of course!!!

I use treats ONLY for training and I have a local grocery store that has a variety of things 'like" beggin' strips, bonz and a few others for about half of what the "specialty treat" stores charge.
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My dogs like these homemade liver treats that I make.....I can't stand the smell of them when the liver is first cooking....Yuk....but they love them so its worth it. You can find alot of dog treat recipes on line.....Thats were I get mine....I don't like the idea of raw eggs....That seems scary.....I even use dog bone shaped cookie cutters.....Kinda fun....
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I really think raw egg is a bad idea due to high level of samonella found in them so why not scramble it instead, i also use live plain yogart and cottage cheese these level out stomach enzymews and add a real shean to a dogs coat, but also a good quality feed, add some hot water to make the food softer if you wish but not boiling water as this will strip the nutrients of the buscuit. or make some graey up. I also some times add chicken or fish flakes or sometimes raw tripe. especially in winter so to kepp my pooches weight up in the cold as adding extra complete diet just makes them toilet more and not keep weight on so i add nateral protien like i suggested above.
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My dogs love bill jac treats. They are small and good for training. As far as food treats go, I am a sucker for taking my guys to Mc D's for some ice cream now and again.
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One more vote against raw eggs. Maybe it helped in the 50's. Modern dog foods don't need anything added. Adding stuff may do more harm than good.

Treats? They don't need to big or tempting. Show up at a dog event and you likely will be given food and other samples. I use them up as treats. When I run out, i may fall back on the dog's regular kibble. Many people use Cheerios.
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I give treats only when training...or hard/chew treats for dental care...

Adding egg to food is not a "treat" to me, more of a food enticement to get them to eat...and raw is not good unless fresh. (like everyone has said)

If you wish to put something ON her food I suggest salmon oil.
(Made from wild Alaskan salmon, this great tasting oil supports a healthy skin and coat condition with high levels of essential omega fatty acids.)

For treats for training I use human grade turkey dogs boiled and set in water (to get salts out) and cheese sticks. The reasoning behind this is I do obedience training and I put the food in my mouth to get the dog to focus up on me, and to get centered fronts...ect...thought I would explain that, cheerios is actually a good idea....might get me a box!!!

I sometimes get all natural dog treats from the store, for when I run out of cheese or hotdogs. I dont 'give' my dogs treats unless they earn it.
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my boys dont really get 'treats'. we once had a springer with an explosive digestive system so his rewards were always a few pieces of his dried food and we have kept it up with the two we have now (although they do get dental chews sometimes). they seem to enjoy them, although now if they get something they arent used to it goes straight through them!
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charlie bears. they are small and perfect for training. they don't smell, they are not messy. i put a bunch in my pocket and they focus in on me. i only use these treats for training. they are only 3 calories p/treat and joey and elsa love them.
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baby carrots, cold apple slices, chicken livers once a month (for about a week) cooked in veggie oil lightly dusted with flour. Mine do get the composite rawhides at night to help with cleaning those teeth. I try to keep the calories down cause I got Cockers and they're pigs! Always gotta watch the weight on my boys.
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