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How to Draw a Dog-Simple Tips

Found this on ehow.Things You’ll Need:
Picture of a dog
White drawing sheet
Colors (preferably wax colors for beginners)

Step 1-Go through magazines to get a picture of a dog. You can also search online or use a photograph of your own dog.

Step 2-Collect drawing material on a table in a quiet place.

Step 3-Use a sharpened pencil to draw three circles on a drawing sheet. The first circle indicates the dog’s head. Below that, make a larger circle representing the dog’s shoulders. The smallest circle to the right of the larger circle forms the basis for its hind legs.

Step 4-Draw a horizontal oval across the first circle similar to the muzzle on the dog’s face.

Step 5-Make the dog's neck by joining the first circle (head) to the second one (shoulders) with curved lines.

Step 6-Draw curved lines to join its shoulders and hind legs to form the dog's body.

Step 7-Look at the reference picture and draw the legs.

Step 8-Make paws by drawing small ovals at the bottom of the legs. Draw fine lines on the paws to give it a defined look.

Step 9-Add ears, eyes, triangular nose and a tail.

Step 10-Erase unwanted lines and marks drawn in the beginning to represent the basic structure. If required, define the picture with some more strokes.

Step 11-Color the drawing to give it a finishing touch.

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