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Talking #3 What would your facility look like? Contest

I am trying to figure out the parameters for a dog-human fitness camp. Recently people have been discussion the fact that their dream is to have a facility. Some are talking about kennels, daycare, multi-use etc. Think out of the box and into the future and design your facility business for us. You do not have to look at permits etc. just what would you offer and how would it look. Think about how families are changing, society is aging, etc.
Be specific and layout your facility.

What would your facility business look like?
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My facility would consist of this. A place that people can take there herding breeds and any other dogs to learn how to herd. Something most herders never get to do. Several large fenced in areas with cattle, sheep, etc.. Another area with chickens, ducks, and geese for small animal herding and to teach them how to act around farm animals. Thirdly I would have a doggy water park and cool down area with a large pond, slides, sprinklers, and tunnels. A training facility that taught retrieving from water, riding in a boat or canoe safely and even agility or fly ball. I would also provide grooming and health care. After getting wet and muddy you will need this. As far as indoors I would put a large room with big screen TV for people to come to with there dogs to watch there favorite sports games and socialize with other dog owners.Very simple and am in the process of doing.
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My answer to question #3.

My answer to question #3.

My facility would cater to all dog breeds, all sizes, and all ages for humans! With special services for the elderly & handicap.

My facility would be a family and dog(s) indoor play/work out arena. It would consist of a large main room when you walked in. Very open very inviting. The main room is for sign in. Everyone must sign in prior to using the gym. They need to be able to provide proper update vaccinations. For insurance purposes. From there everyone would receive a free complementary tee shirt to promote my activity gym. The dogs would get a bandana. In the main part of the gym there would be ramps, tunnels, balls, Frisbee, tugs, toys, ect. Everything a family and their dog would need to have fun! And, everything a dog would need to play for hours happily entertained with other dogs! While families interact with other dog owners. On the sides of my facility there would be private rooms. Maybe around 6 medium sized rooms. These rooms would be for a dog that may not interact well with other dogs. Families could take them in there and still play with them not to leave them out. Also, I may look into getting personal one-on-one trainers for sessions to help work with that dog and family, for the building blocks for them to eventually move out into the main room with all the others! Also, I would have as an extra advantage for all families bath tubs in a bathing facility, after a long days play, give them a bath! Very very convenient with no extra fees! I would let local shelters, stores, trainers; advertise in my facility making it convenient for pet owners to gain knowledgeable information about the resources available to them in our community. This facility would be heated in the winter & air conditioned in the summer. Sorry there would be no-kennel here, we will post private dog sitters in my facility though. Eventually maybe I would add to it a Full Grooming salon & Training classes. I would also try and hold a special event everyday of the week; for example Monday's would be MOVEN MONDAYS! I hope you enjoy my thoughts LOL sorry so long, but this really strikes my interest, I feel like I'm taking another course in college LOL LOL LOL. Thanks for your time guys!

You know what I will make one, one day just wait and see LOL
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My facility would have multiple areas. One area would be for the hunting breeds. Those that go to ground or tree. It would have a large wooded area of about 5 acres for the dogs to work in. There would be professional trainers to assist owners in their training. One area would be for the retrieving breeds. It would consist of a large pond, duck blinds and boats. You could do dummy retrieves, or during hunting season, real retrieves. Again, professionals would be available. There would also be a herding area for the herding breeds. A couple of pens and various farm animals (goats, sheep, calves) to herd as well as a professional to help. For the racing and agility dogs there would be a race track (built for greyhounds and such) and an agility course. The agility course would be for beginners to advanced and would have poles, chutes, ladders, jumps, and other such items.
There would be access to 2 pools, one large and one small. The smaller one for small to medium breeds and the large for large and extra large breeds. There would also be a large fenced in area for general running, socializing and playing.
The building would consist of multiple rooms (hardwood floors, soft bed, food and water bowls and multiple toys plus a window) for dogs that were being boarded to stay in at various times of night/day. Some would have doggie doors opening to other dogs rooms so they could visit their neighbors and socialize (unless they weren't spayed/neutered - then only same sex visits). There would be a large reception room, a "doggie bathroom" inside - grass/dirt area *plus a people bathroom*. There would be multiple watering areas in the waiting room. There would also be a vet available at all times in case of an emergency with a fully functional surgical room, exam room, vaccines available, and 2 vet techs to assist (per shift).
For the older dogs that can't quite keep up with their younger buddies there would be a slightly smaller play area with the same stuff in it so they could play at their own speed and not be bowled over by overenthusiastic pups.
A hiking and biking trail would be available away from the hunting/retrieving areas as well.
For those that wish to learn Shutzhund there would be 1 professional trainer that would work with dogs daily, at specified times, one on one, to ensure each dog gets the proper training.
For basic training commands there would be 5 trainers, one per 10 dogs, to teach basic commands and give info on potty training and other common dog issues.

This would be on approimately 25 acres of land. With the one big building at the front and the multiple play, training, hiking areas surrounding it. It would be geared toward all breeds, big and small, old and young.
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my facility is my actual dream if i had all the cash in the world the canine therapy and training camp it would consist of indoor and out door facilityies, based in the country a campsite would be provided to come and spend a week or more here if they wanted with laundrette, cafe, and pub both caravans, tents and a few log cabins will be there enabling owners to just camp and visit other surrounding or acctually use the centre it's self. the centre will consist of a very large hall that could be split in to so training and competitions could be held there, there would be another training hall of smaller size for private tuition. all three would have sound equipment and lighting and have full facilities for conformation, obedience, agility, flyball and heal work to music, plus facilities for schutzhund and field trials.

the entrance would be large with reception also in the centre would have a hydrotherapy suite, and grooming palour also there would be two medical bays that would have diferent visiting alternative thereapists such as accupuncture, homeopathy, telling toutch, ect. also lthere would be a animal behaviour clinic and a lecture theatre so people can come and teach too. there would be human changingrooms and showers, first aid bay, pet store that would carry food, training aids, books and every thing needed for the canine sports.and a cafe. also there would be included a kenneling facility so owners can leave their dogs and have a day out.

out side there would be two training areas one covered and one not botyh with seatining and lighting and sound sytems to enable training on would be all weather and one grass. there would be wooded dog walking areas for people to exercise their dogs while here and of course plenty of poop bins.

i would have professional and qualified staff for all areas and would hope to help out employment in the area it was set up.
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I don't need to design it - kepala canine country park in australia has already done it!
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My dream!!

I'm not sure if this is right on theme, I guess so, it does involve humans as well as dogs. LOL I am in the process of building now, but, is slow going. I want to have a place to be able to take in all of the poor starving, sick animals that no-one wants anymore, and make them wonderful, happy, pets again. I have a friend who is a vet. that would assist with health care for the animals. I live on 5 acres, so there is plenty of run area, plus a pond. I am building now, only about 3000 sq ft., with two exam rooms, a surgery room/recovery, a large room for play area, two med. sized training rooms, two small bath areas, and along the back wall where the kennels will be, will have inside and outside access. Plenty of resources would be supplied for all of the public, these animals don't ask to be here, it is like throwing you child out to the curb!! I have wanted to do this since I was a young child, I am so excited to see it all happening, may take a while still, but, it WILL happen, it's not much, BUT, it is what I CAN do!!
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WOW CONGATS!! That is really nice of you. I have wanted to do that also, maybe one day after I finish school
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Thumbs up

I LOVE all of the great ideas, they all sound like awesome ideas!!
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I would have a country retreat for the city folk and their dog. It would be on a large lot of land, and it would be forested. The entire area would be fenced and gated, of course. The parking lot would be screened off from the main building by trees. There would be a path leading to the main building, long enough for about a five minute walk, so the people and the dogs can e warmed up by the time they get to the building. The main building would be a huge log cabin, with a large fenced in yard behind it. Inside would be the doggie play area, with tons of toys, and lots of cots for the doggies to rest on. There would be a fountain in the corner with running water for them to drink from. There would be a dog door leading to the outdoor area, where there would be tunnels and large toys, as well as a sandy area for digging. There would be several people to supervise the dogs, of course.

Outside the main building would be a trail winding through the wooded areas that the people and their dogs could walk through, and the dogs would not need to be leashed. There would also be several small cabins where people could stay for the weekend, or take vacations with their poochies.

There would also be another large building where social activities for the people would be. There would be dinner, games, and it would be cool to have a masseuse their for the owners to relax, knowing that their babies would be in the play area having a good time.

Then there would also be outdoor areas where the activities for ppl and the dogs, like a pond for teaching retrieving, and dock jumping, an agility course,
and an outdoor area for trick training. All of these activities would be scheduled at different times, so that people could have something to do all day with their dogs.

Wow, that was long, I think I got carried away a little. Well, that would be my ultimate dog resort.
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