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Bwa. I wouldnt do floors. I'd do buildings.

Building one- A store for older aged dogs such as dog ramps for getting in and out of the car safely.Senior Dog Food for food just for seniors, and their needs.Vitamins for increasing chances of leading a long and healthy life.Orthopedic Dog Beds for athritis and joints.Dental Kits for good and healthy teeth.SHampoo specificlly designed for senior dogs. as well as other senior dog products.

Building Two- Sign up area, as well at a 24/7 vet team working day and night to make sure your dogs are safe and secure. They are tagerted towards senior dogs, and what the problems they normally come with, such as displaysia,heart and liver problems, as well as athritis, and others. There is also a dog groomer that is very alert for problems your dog may have, like irratation,fleas, ticks, problems in the eyes, weird smells, ect. and will alert you right away.

Buliding Three- A heated *at a comfortable temp* swimming pool indoors, with easy access ramp insaide and outside if dog feels it has a certain need to get out quickly. There are also swimming pools that "move" like a treadmile with water. There are trainers around to kind of help your dog to swim if your dog has no experince with swimming, and also supervises the dogs, and will rescue if needed. There are also many training classes for many different sports, such as agility, musical freestyle, flyball, ect. There are also agility courses open to the public.

Building Four- Classes for Humans- Owners are welcome to sign up in a group class that teaches owners about old age, how to care for their older dog, and looking ahead to death. Or, they are welcome to speak to an advisor one on one about you name it, health problems, certain items, stress issues, ect. You can also watch from a distance. There also memorial serveices and a pet cemetary. Afterwards, there are classes for dealing with the loss of a dog, and things to help.

Buliding Five- Senior Dog Library. Everything you would need to know if you do not want to purchase a class. Choose from senior dog books, magazines, or dog specific books as well as dog training ,and the usual dog books. There is free internet access, and the library is availible to everyone.

Building Six- Dog Boarding/Kennel area. Here, liscened boarding employees watch over your dog always as dogs are let free to roam and socialize with other dogs freely. If you choose, you can purchase packages that allow your dog to have a vet chechup, grooming appoitment, classes in training, or just a simple package. As always, tranqalizers and "calming" spray is always handy, incase dogs get a little too rough. Water is always availble, and food is served 3 times a day. Theres is loads of toys, but always bring your dogs favorites! Orthopedic dog beds are always around if your dog prefers a nap.

Outside- Herding Trials, Field Trials, Schuzhund,Frisbee,Water Work and Tracking trials and classes are held out here. Feel free to watch!
Dogs are also walked if you wish for boarding, or walk on your own around our dog park, and meet other dog lovers and owners such as you. Be sure to watch around...Some free offers are provided daily!

Boarding- Registration is in Building Two, Dog Boarding is just 20 dollars, for a simple package but these "specials" may be added.
Simple= 20$
Simple+Swimming Feature=25$
Simple+ Grooming Visit=35$
Simple+Vet Visit=45$
Want an extra walk? Extra walk is 2$ each.You may puchase up to 5 *Walks are long*
Simple+Training Class=75$
Simple+Swimming Feature+Grooming Visit= 60$
Simple+Swimming Feature+Vet Visit=95$
Simple+Swimming Feature=Training Visit=110$
Simple+Grooming Visit+Vest Visit=100$
Simple+Grooming Visit+Traning Visit=125$
Simple+Vet Visit+Training Class=115$

Field Trials=40$
Musical Freestyle=65$
Water Work=75$

Pool Area= 25$ First Time In. Free afterwards.

Human Classes=
30$ for all.

Grooming Visit= 35$

Vet Visit= 45$

Yay Im done. Hehe
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Think about this to answer

I realize that this is a hard question. I also think people think that previous posts have touched on everything. So what I would like people to do is to write something about why such a service would be needed (i.e. things you seen or experienced around older dogs) that could be becoming overweight, arthritis, hearing, etc. Then after you have done that try and come up with a type of service that you might offer to those who could afford it. Think about all the older dogs in shelters.
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I'm still stuck on keeping the costs down and keeping the dog in it's home.
Personally, I don't know of anyone who would spend a huge amount of money to send their ailing senior dog to a facility away from home, but I know plenty that need good advice and care in their own environment.
I have a senior now with health issues, and there's no way she could even walk across an agility course, let alone jump a hurdle.
I would love to have a physical therapist who understood the structure of dogs well enough to give me advice on how to help re-develop muscle tone in her hindquarters. I may be willing to take her to appointments, but I would not take her to any facility and leave her there, not even for one day. The mental stress it would cause her would negate any physical achievement she might make.
When Rom had bone cancer, I wouldn't even take the time to go to a store after work. I went to the grocery on my lunch breaks. I wanted to spend every possible moment with him. I would have paid someone to come to my home to advise on pain control, but would not have taken him away from his home for hours at a time for ANY reason.
None of my current dogs are young. The ones that are still active get plenty of exercise at home, but we still go to the agility course for the extra stimulation, we still go hiking, lure coursing, and tracking. I don't need or want a big expensive facility to do all of that. I rely on my vet, who is my partner in caring for my dogs, for advice. He does occasionally come to my home, and that is invaluable to me. Having a vet tech well trained in senior issues that could come on a regular basis, reporting back to my vet, would be even better.
In my opinion, quality of life overrides all else.

Silence is golden,
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For those of you that are having a hard time on this or think that it has been fully answered, think of it in terms of special needs dogs (i.e. hip dysplasia, obesity, etc. that would need similar services). This is a question that tries to get at what is needed. Ann is correct in that the costs need to be kept down. Look at all the articles that I have been posting about new medical breakthroughs. You can try and envision what a service like this would look like. In reality, it could be prevention and treatment.
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i think back to when Nikko was sick. i hated to take him out to the vets's. the pain that he went through to get into the car. and then having him to wait on the cold tile floor, it must have been uncomfortable.

so for me i would like to do home visits. the dogs are more comfortable. you don't have to drag them out anywhere and you are happy and so are they. 24 hour service for emergencies.

so i guess mobile service too for physical therapy.

rest in peace my little Nikko. till we meet again. momma missed you and her heart aches everything she thinks of you, wishing you were still here.
rest in peace my little Nikko. until we meet again. momma misses you and her heart aches every time she thinks of you, wishing you were still here to play with Joey and Elsa.
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I don't even know if I am doing this right but I wrote something up. Sorry if i didn't undertand the concept. I am just having a bad week.

Well first of all senior dogs like humans are prone to risks of breaking hips and bones. As you get older your bones weaken with less calcium build up. The breaking down of bone tissue is called “arthritis” which is makes your risk of breaking your bones higher. Along with the risk the arthritis makes your body ache. Unlike humans dog don’t have comfy bed and chairs to soothe the pain. Things like this and other health factors that contribute to early deaths and suffering. That is one thing that would be a big benefit if we had a dog senior center.

If we had a building that provided necessary benefits we might be able to make a senior dog a happier longer life. Wondering what kind of services we will offer? Well we would have different rooms with different advancement levels for different dogs based on their health and medical conditions. Dogs with serious arthritis could be put on the lower level where they would lay on soft bed or cushions while other dogs that have tumors or hear murmurs would go to a different room where they would be able to play with other dogs.

Why should a senior dog center be much different then a senior center for humans? I think that they would be alike but for dogs. There should be a place in the building where you can get your dog its vaccinations’ such as rabies and other shots. Regular checkups would be common to make sure the dog isn’t getting any worse. As far as the prices are concerned it should be a certain about a month which would include free exams on your dog and yearly shots. The price would probably be around one hundred and fifty dollars depending on the membership level you want to go at. Different membership levels should offer different services. The highest should allow free examines and rides and other services. The lowest should be affordable for any family. Even though the cheapest cost would allow free exams it would still offer similar services to help and improve the health and well being.

Of course this service wouldn’t be offered just too senior dogs that have owners. There would be a place for senior dogs that don’t have a loving home. They would take in shelter dogs or senior dogs whose owner can no longer take care of them. The services would take care of the dog until they can launch the dog a home with its services.

Thankfully to this, they are working on these ideas. I found a website they have that is starting on one for senior dogs. It was pretty interesting:

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WOW! And I do this for FREE!!!!? GRRRREAT ideas! I have taken on three elder Cocker Spaniels this year from rescue. Free dogs if they're over 10 years old. Actually one - after having him since March - is not a senior at all! I have spent hours on homemade food for the ones who "will only eat canned". They all have super-soft beds with 3" of foam rubber covered by a sheet and topped with baby afghans I made for them. I carry them when they need to be carried, treat them with Glucosamine when their hips hurt, massage them in warm water or just in their bed before sleepy time. My elders get more personal time.

Most people I think don't want to see their animals go downhill. One that I have...his owner went into a nursing home and trusted someone to care for a 12 year old dog with fatty tumors and bad eyes. Well..they didn't and he ended up tossed from one to another. Not loved by anyone, he started to get snappy and quit eating. Rescue gave up on him after someone just dumped him and they called me. I have to tell you I cried all the way home with this guy...thinking I'm not doing him any favors by trying to help him. He was only 23 pounds and barely able to stand up, covered in poop, eyes untreated for Glaucoma, etc. He was a mess! It only took a month and a half to get his ears clean, his Glaucoma under control, and his weight back up. He trusts me now. I get kisses! He loves me. He trusts me. At 13.5 years he may have only a year or so to go but he will be loved in that time!

I really don't think a hospice situation is something that can be accomplished on a part-time situation as in open a facility just for elders. If anything, the elders need more than anything some consistency in their life and knowing one person cares. Changing up the scenery like taking the dog for the day and then returning it to the owners who cannot handle (probably resent it) would be stressful for the dog I'm thinking. Probably for the owners too.

I would clear it out entirely. You don't want to watch your dog thru it's downhill years? GIVE that dog to me and back off! I will - like with these guys - love on them, handle with extreme care, carry when needed, cook for them, groom and massage them...and maybe not hurt soo dang much when I know it's time to let them go. I invest time and money helping the seniors live their last years with love and such, can you really put a price on it? just my opine...
Sharon - Mom to Mozart, Monte, Merlin and Mylee! my boyz!
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Having someone with knowledge of special equpment visiting the dogs own environment would be invaluable.
I would pay for this service myself, while I would not be willing to pay to take my senior dog to a facility where he could lay on THEIR beds or use THEIR ramps and other equipment. I would want to equip the dogs own home environment.
A senior dogs comfort is what should be important here, not how much money you can make from their owners.
In my opinion, when you provide a good service, you have a better chance of making money. If you start out with the idea of making money as the top priority, you may not be providing a good service.

Silence is golden,
Duct tape is silver.
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When does it end K9? Do you know when the winners will be decided?
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Thumbs up Winners of the contest

I have selected the winners and made sure that everyone got something. We only had 6 people respond. These are the types of questions that challenge one's thinking outside the box. Thank you for your responses. I believe that a vet tech and I are going to put something like this together in a smaller form. I believe that it must be mobile and a facility and that we must deal with special needs such as obesity.

Here are the winners:

Ann Hawes


Congratulations to all of you and thank you for thinking hard about how we can better help our seniors.
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