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Question Separation Anxiety????Help

I recently rescued a 13 month old pit bull, his name is Rocky. He is the sweetest, most lovable dog but definitely has some issues. Some of his behaviors have made me believe he was abused. The most major is issue I have with him at this time is his separation anxiety. He is housebroken but if I leave him home alone, he goes to the bathroom in the house. I was told by the person I got him from that when he left him alone, Rocky was very destructive. When at home, Rocky always has to be right where I am, if possible actually touching me to be sure I don't leave him. If I even go outside for a minute he instantly begins to whine and will run back and forth in the house trying to see me out the windows. So far we have been fortunate enough to have such different schedules to accomodate Rocky not being alone, someone is usually here with him, but with my job schedule changing daily it is getting harder. I am looking for any suggestions on how to possibly break him of this habit, if it can be broken. I am seriously thinking about a crate but am worried that will just stress Rocky out even more. With his original owner, I do not know this person, she abandoned him with the person I got him from, he was left in a crate all day long and then tied out on a stake in the yard all night. I do not want to cause Rocky any more stress than what he has already had to deal with. Any Suggestions????????????
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I have had two dogs go through seperation anxiety, both were greatly helped by crating them, just wish I would of done it a LOT earlier with the oldest before she did so much damage. My oldest (now 6) still has seperation anxiety, but is grown up enough and well trained enough to not be destructive anymore.
Our 8 month old puppy that has seperation anxiety is crated during the day when we are not home and she has come to really like her crate.
Our "middle child" pooch didnt have seperation anxiety but was crate trained non the less and LOVES her crate.
Dogs end up looking at their crates as "theirs", it ends up being their safe haven, and they really do end up enjoying them.

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Somehow I breezed right through the part of him being left in a crate all day and then tied outside all night before.

What you might want to do is ease him back into a cage by doing it for short periods of time at the beginning, and give him rewards/treats when he goes in his crate. Give him a reward when he's let out. Slowly start lengthening the time he stays in there. Make it a positive for him instead of a negative.

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Good advice shells. You saved me some time. That's exactly what I would recommend.
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u could try door training go outside for a minute then come back in and give hima treat repeat this over and over till he stops whinning then do it lnger he will learn that u arent leaving him for good its very repetitive but will help kinda like what shells suggesed with the crate only going in and out ur door giving him a treat when u come in will make him feel better about u leaving cause he willno he gets rewarded when u come home
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Michelle was absolutely on point. Just make the crate a really positive and enjoyable experience for him, and that may take time..Get down on the floor with him in the crate for a few minutes and just stroke him and give him lots of treats and kisses.

We also have to remember that pitbulls are very well known for seperation anxiety and destruction problems I have a friend with a pittie who ate her couch down to the metal frame while she was at work. =]

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Crates are the greatest thing there is for puppies that start out in one and are never left too long. Perhaps in this case, give him a crate, but don't close the door.

Try a Kong with peanut butter in ti. Freezing it makes it last even longer.

Obedience training helps too.
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Crating will help with the problem of going potty inside the house. However it doesn't completely address the underlying problem which is your dog's insecurity. In a way it does because since dogs are den animals they feel a bit more secure within their crate. Not every dog takes kindly to the crate however which would force you to directly address the problem.

Hcromley's suggestion is the best advice for helping the dog gain more self confidence. However you must condition the pooch, so that he doesn't expect a treat every time you walk in the door.

You can try going on walks with another person by your side (perferably a stranger), then as you go give the lead to the other person and allow him to take the dog a couple paces forward, slowly increasing the distance, this way the dog learns that he can do things on his own without you being there all the time.

Doing the door excercise will be more effective if you do it at another person's house. Leaving him for a while then coming back in and rewarding him if he didn't stress. Then slowly increasing the time you leave him alone.

Sometimes (not always) you can use plug ins to relax the dog. They release pheremones that a whelping bitch releases to soothe the pups. Should work in the same soothing manner in this case, however the effectiveness varies with each dog, its worth a try.

Just think of ways in which you can help your dog learn that he can do things by himself, that he doesn't need assistance all the time. Takes time and a little thinking but with patience you'll succeed.

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I am agree with hcromley post.thank u for share us.
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Thumbs up

some really good suggestions on here

hope they all help! good luck and keep us posted!
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