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Red face

hi guys, my names ice, because i am soooo coooll, i think that's why my mummy named me ice,
i live in a house with my mummy, daddy, an my girlfriend kiya, she is hott,
well anyways, i know how to make my mummy do anything for me, i go by the back door she lets me out in the back, i look at the food, she gives me food, i look at her with my sad eyes an she strokes me an tickles my belly,
i act dumb an she baby's me, (i am sooo loving the babying thing),
well anyways, one day me my mum, kiya, an my daddy went for a walk down by a canal, an kiya was jumping in the canal an fetching our ball,
so i decides to jump in to an fetch our ball too, but i jumped in the water an was swimming but it got to much for me i wanted to get out i never liked it, so i stayed in the same place thinking my mummy will get me out of here,
but my mummy was just looking at me callin me, how dumb is she i wanted to get out an she never got me out, all she was doing was callin my name,
so i started moving around in circles, yet she was still only callin my name, by now a few people on their walks had stopped to watch me swimming, hey they must really like my swimming, i will do it more now, grrrr am trying to show off an this water was splashing in my face,i tell kiya to stop jumping in an out the water an to stop showing me what to do, i don't want to get out by myself i want my mummy to get me out, not good when i am trying to look so coool in front of these people, maybe if i stop swimming an splashing an just look at them with my sad eyes, godd what was that, what hit me on the head, whys my mummy hitting me with the lead, what have i done, why is she still doing it, wow she needs to stop this, its annoying i wanna look cool but cant whilst she hitting me on the head an splashing me with this lead, if i could just bite the lead then she wont be able to hit or splash me with it, so she throws the lead at me again, an i grab it hehe she never thought that was coming hehehe,
why is she now pulling me while i got the lead, ohh she is tryin to get me out, so i start smiling an let go of the lead, i was sooo stupid at that moment, because she was throwing the lead at me again grrr, oh yea i got to get hold of it, so i gets hold of it again, an i get by the side of the canal, an she pulls me out, an then these people start laughing an my mum is laughing at me, why are they laughing, is it at me or at my mum because she spoilt my fun, my mummys laughing to now, oh well, never mind, there's gonna be plenty more adventures to come,an plenty more times to show off,

i got to go now anyway, my mum said its kiyas turn to write one of her adventures, speak soon,

lots of love ice,

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Been Around A While
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Join Date: May 2008
Location: england, merseyside
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Red face

hi guys n girls,

my names kiya

i am just trying to think of what adventure i can tell you about,
i suppose i will tell you about the time my mum took me out in the car,
well here goes,

i always heard my mum an dad saying about doggie seat belts, i thought they were nuts, why do i want to wear one of them,
an i never heard nothing more of it for a while,but then one day daddy come in with these strappy things that looked strange, an my mum called me over to her so i went over to investigate these strappy things, an then all of a sudden one was on me, ice come in an seen me an laughed at me, then he had one on too hahaha, who is laughing now,
so we had to wear them for a bit, i heard mummy say we need to get used to them,
well she took us out in the car with them on a few days later, it was so nice,i could look out the window an laugh at other dogs sitting in the boot of cars, as i was now on the seat with my new belt
we went out an played for a bit, i never wanted my seat belt harness took off me so i could leave mine on whilst we were out,

a few days later however was the nice,mum put ice in the kitchen an put my seat belt harness on me, an took me out in her car, just me an her, an i was on the front seat, with the car window open, the music was playing, i looked soo hot, i seen my neighbour dog out an i could tell he was so jealous of me, who wouldn't be, look at me with my harness,
we went for a drive, we went to see my mums auntie, an she could not get on the front seat as i was their haha
an then i seen my mums aunty's dogs, mitzy an ben, they looked sooo jealous of my harness too,
an then my uncle Phil seen me an come an stroked me, i love my uncle Phil, he always moans because i get his work uniform covered in my white hairs,but today i couldn't because i was strapped in,
well after that visit my mum asked if i wanted to go an see her friend so i wagged my tail an off we drove,
i went in my mums friends back garden,i like it there i run in an out of the trees in her garden, but all to soon the fun was over there, an we were on our way to see my grandad Garry, he really spoils me, he was given me ham, chicken,an sausages and even a rasher of bacon yumm, but my mum was moaning at him saying its going to be her car i mess up not his, so he stopped then, mums grrrrr, it was then time to go again, an we got back in the car an we started driving home, i love my mums car, she drives 2 of them, but i like her little black one with the pink playboy Bunny's on it,
the other one she drives is bigger and she has to pick me up to put me on the seat in the land rover an that's embarrassing for me if any of my friends see,

well i have to go now, my mum wants to go on face-book haha,

love kiya xxx

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Been Around A While
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Join Date: May 2008
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omg hahaha, i tryed, bbut i dont think they are any good hahaha, x

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May 12th 1994

Dear Diary,

*whimp, whimp* I could hear the cries of my fellow INMATES around me. All in small cages, two to a room. Forever there unless some human came to END our misery. This place was horrible. This place I would dread any pup to ever have to see...THE SHELTER. Oh the servace was herendious and if you werent gone by so many days they would CUT OFF YOUR HEAD. I was in the ringer about to get mine next when this little girl walks in and runs to my cell block. She being the immature thing she is she stuck her hand in the cage. Well the bobo in the cell with me was a nasty grimy old thing and he went to bite her. Well I didnt want my head chopped off so I thought I would win her heart over by saving her, so I jumped over, blocked his bite and whola I had her at hello!

Then this TALL older looking lady walks over to the little girl saying that....She didnt want me because I was part eskie and they had bad temperments. Well my heart dropped way below negative 500 and...AND...AND...this young girl said NO!!! I was the one for her. My tail started wagging and every happy emotion a poochie could have happened. I knew then she was furever mine!!!!!!!!!!! So that is how I got my forever home. Boy, I could tell you more stories but I think this was long enough!

The dog!
~Star my eskie/golden mix~ &
Daniel & Carrie + Star = Forever

When one door closes another WILL open, and its usually something better.
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Neka's New Life

Wandering aimless, trying always my best,
finding small scraps of food, and a warm place to rest.

As darkness would fall, and the air turned to cold,
I dreamt of a home, straying really gets old.

Thrown out like the garbage, not wanted one day,
to live or let die, as they went on their way.

Left on my own, I hoped one day to find,
someone to care, and someone to mind.

From the pound I looked out, and I just wanted to see,
someone who'll love me, and teach me to be me.

I'm a dog full of love, who just can't understand,
why someone won’t take me, "I'll do the best that I can."

Companion and best friend, is what I want to be,
to love and protect you, I'll do it for free.

Finally he found me, he took me right home,
a special person has saved me, from being alone.

Now from this moment, we live as best friends,
no longer to roam, no, not, never again.

We run and we walk, and we play with my toys,
I even hang out, with some nice girls and boys.

I know I am lucky, second chance has been given,
my human's the best, and he makes life worth livin'.

Copyright 2008 MIchael Albee

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- Michael -

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Micheal that was awsome! Good job!
♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥
"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."
♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥
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Originally Posted by Shara View Post
Micheal that was awsome! Good job!
Thanks, i wrote it this spring to use as a part of the "Farewell Chip / Welcome Neka" party we had after the Memorial Dedication in September.
- Michael -

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What an AWESOME poem Michael, thanks for sharing it!

Shells, Jessie, Sugar Booger,
Abby, Molly, Oreo & Puff
.. )) -::-
. .))
((. .. -::-
-::- ((.*
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A day in the life of Bandit Buba Pearson

Hi I'm kinda new here but you all seem pretty nice, so I'd like to share a story with you.

Humph, the noise maker started agian. Dad got out of that really big bed so I get to cuddle with mom. Dad always leaves a warm spot and I snuggle in to it and mom scratches my belly, I like to cuddle in the morning. Kate, my sister, is still in her cage and I get all the attention. I stay in bed while mom gets ready and I know her rutine so I know I can stay in bed until she puts her socks on. Mom gets Kate, I wish she'd leave her in there somedays, sisters are kind of anoying. We go downstairs and we sit and wait at the door until mom says we can go out. She tells us not to doddle that we have to go, but I still take my time. The backyard has so many new smells in the morning, I smell the left side of the yard and pee there, then I go the the right side and poop, and then I have to go and pee exactly where Kate peed cause I don't want those Cyote's to get her. Then after mom says Bandit are you done yet I trot inside and go upstairs. Mom puts her coat on and I know it's time for the car ride and I can't wait. OOOOO the leash, she puts it on me and then we have to wait for Kate, talk about doddle, she's so slow. You'd think she was old but she's not, I don't think she like mornings. Now we get in the car and I get to watch all the cars go by. Some mornings she stops to stand outside the car and look at a box, she says something about gas, all I really care about is the biskit I get from the people there. Oh I guess Kate gets one too, she usually tries to steal mine but I tell her where to go. Then after a really long time we get to the playhouse, I really like going here. Mom uses a flippy thing that makes noise and then someone comes to the door. These people love me, I get treats, any one I want and mom says I'm spoiled, what ever that means. Me and Kate play all morning and then later my grandma comes with more treats and she takes us to play outside. We get to chase a ball and swim when its not cold, we get some ice cream sometimes and then back to the playhouse, I'm tired after running so I sleep and when I wake up mom's there waiting to take me home. I really like to see her, I like playing all day but mom is so great and I want to smell her and lick her and be near her, she tells me I don't know my own strength and I shouldn't jump. Last time I checked I only weighed 69lbs and that's not much. If she'd just stand still and let me stand on by back feet and lick her face it would be just fine, sheesh mom's. We go pee one more time outside before we get in the car. When we get home we get supper, I like supper. Then mom wants to cuddle but I don't want to I want to play or look out the window. Mom says I only cuddle on my terms, I don't think she understands that I have my own priorities. I look around the house for stuff I can bring mom for a treat, I like treats so I hunt for stuff. Mom dosn't give me treats for socks anymore, something about them coming from the laundry hamper, what ever they were dirty and looked like garbage to me so I bring them and no treat. I used to get treats for that I'm tired by now and I look at mom with my I need to use the bathroom face and she makes me sit, I don't want to sit, I have to pee! Oh well I guess I'd Better or I'll never get to go. Then it's bed time and I curl up in my bed and dream until that noise maker wakes me up tommorow.

P.S. Mom tried to help me put my picture on here but I don't know if it will work.
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Ann - your story about DeeOhGee was hilarious. It completely cracked me up. I read it a 2nd time to get another laugh. I could just picture him wanting to give all those kisses. That is his #1 priority first and foremost before anything else. It seems he quickly gets distracted wanting to give those kisses!
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