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how can i leave my dog for more than a hr?

i need help as its starting to get me down....
i have a 1yr old male bassett hound called woody, he doesnt like being alone for more than a hour, i have to take him everywhere apart from the school run and sainsburys. if i leve him longer he cries(as told by neighbours!!) and tiddles or poos. if we need to go anywhere we have to take him for a walk to try and make him sleep,sometimes this might not be possible. i bought a crate which took up the whole of the kitchen but he got so worried he tried to claw out and i was worried about him hurting himself so gave up, he now has the run of front room hall and kitchen but all he does is look out the windows.
my children have been easier to cope with than woody. if we do want to go out or go xmas shopping woody is always on your mind wondering if he is ok.
he has been dog training and passed with fly colours and has been castrated he is a lovely dog and is great with the kids and is a very funny dog with a great personalaltie and we love him to bits but we cant go out.....any advice?
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Woody has some separation anxiety. Crate training takes time. When I got one of my dogs, she had never been in the house and never gotten any attention. When left alone, she chewed everything up. You need to make the crate the dog's security blanket for when you are gone. You can feed him in there or just put a favorite toy or some treats and leave the door open at first. Slowly keep him in with the door closed for short period of times. NEVER use it as punishment.

While you are doing that, you can also get some of the new interactive type toys that keep the dog busy. Go to your local pet store and ask about these toys. Also try not to make a big deal about leaving him. Change your routine up so he isn't anticipating your departure. Don't apologize or give extra pats. You must do everything in stages. Practice leaving him and going out the door for a few minutes and coming back. Don't make a big deal about the fact that you are there. Praise him if he seems calm. It takes some work but I guarantee if you crate train him properly you will both be happier
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