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Unhappy rottweiler who loves to chew

hi i need advise on a 10 month rottweiler called ty who loves to chew and destroy, its become a real problem as nothing we can do will stop him, we have tried telling him of, exercising 3 even 4 times aday nothing helps.. we have to put a muzzel on him whenever he is alone.. we are at our wits end with him and re homing is looking to be our only option..
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hi, my german shepherd carla was exactly the same, chewed only my stuff etc, i dont know if this will help you but i received some advice from my vet and a behaviourist and basically i was told that as i mother her to much ( and i did totally mother her, if i sat on the couch she would curl up next to me i would let her follow me everywhere and do everything for her) they told me to let my husband do more with her and try to distance myself from her let him feed , walk, play with her. and when i come home to ignore her dont even talk to her just let her straight outside and ignore whatever she has chewed and act like nothing has happened as they said it was no good telling her off for something she has done an hour ago as it would mean nothing to her, so we have been doing this and after a few days she was not chewing as much and yesterday we went out and ended up being gone for 3 hours and when we got home she had touched nothing and again i left her this morning and again she touched nothing .so at the moment the advice is working , so i thought i would let you know and maybe it would help your dog.
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i have a five month old rottie and he doesnt chew a thing unless on his own all i have done is provided him with alot of really tough chew toys like a kong and also bones and lots of them the harder the better but my rottie may start chewin when he is a bit older! does your dog only chew when left alone because that could be a totally different problem alot of puppies and adult dogs suffer from seperation anxiety i know this because i used to own a boxer that was the same she totally destroyed my house and we had to re home only to find out that a professtional trainer could have helped us! hope that helps a bit!
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It appears to be a case of separation anxiety, which could be solved somewhat if you:

1. Got another dog to keep him company.
2. Got loads of chew bones.
3. Left the television on while you were gone.
4. Stopped smothering the dog with too much attention.
5. Exercised him enough.

I've tried all of these with my cocker spaniel who is about a year and a half's worked.
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Welcome Cocker Spaniel owner!
Yes they are famous for separation anxiety!
Casey was 5 when I adopted her and she would sing to the neighbours when I went out and left her in her crate.
I finally trusted her outside of her crate recently and she is fine now. She is not destructive but was quite loud in her howls.
I find if I do not make a fuss when I am leaving and also when I return, it is much better each time. No howling recently.
Cockers are like shadows attached at hip so she is in the perfect home because I rarely leave her alone. However, she has gained a lot more confidence in the past few months so I am not guilt ridden when I go out now. I just don't close the door on the crate for her. Works for us.
A walk before going and a walk upon returning is essential.


Jake the 10 yr old JackaBea has adopted us and now I have 2 dogs who suffer from separation anxiety and behave the same way upon my return.
The training is working very well with both of them.
They both behave very well when left now because they have each other.
Jake is a chewer, (loves bathmats)so I have gotten him a Kong and some chew bones.
When I am leaving them for any length of time, I stuff the Kong with peanut butter and treats and it keeps him busy for hours.

The minute I return, I get the leashes and take them for a short walk around the block.
Two happy dogs and a happy adoptive Mom.

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If nothing else works, try this mixture:

1 part lemon juice
1 part rubbing alcohol
A few drops of tobasco sauce

Put it in a spray bottle and spray anything that they have shown an interest in. It worked for both of my dogs.
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Here's a couple of toys that work great for my aggressive chewer german shepherd/husky. He likes it when we fill it with treats or peanut butter, but he also likes to just chew on them and the rubber on these is durable enought that he doesn't chew 'em up he 'naws' on them. Keeps him busy and helps with his need to chew.

the Nylabonebone one comes in different sizes.
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Welcome to the site and thanks for the websites to check.
My Jackabea would love the Dental toys.
He is a chewer for sure and his kong is the only thing that survives.
Where are you located?
Are these American sites or Canadian?

Jake - Rainbow Bridge 12/19/08

Adopted by: Casey the Cocker 8 yrs
and Tia the ShihTzu 6 months
in Peterborough ONT Canada
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Talking Ty the chewing rott

Hi ty's family i hope i can give you alitte help that my help a lot
1) by yourself a crate
2) teach Ty to like his crate
3) he should be crated everytime that you can not keep your eye on him 100%

do not use the crate as a punishment for him use it for when you can not be with him to teach him the right things to chew on

1) get him lots of chew toys and bones
2) when he chews on something he should not chew on you firmly take the toy from him and tell him no in a stern voice then give him a toy or bone and then when he accepts that toy or bone tell him what a good dog he is. keep repeating this and hopefully he is smart enough to get the hint

hope i was some help good luck keep trying something got to work
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another chewing Rott

I also have a Rott that likes to chew. She's 6 months old. She primarily goes after my shoes, but I've put those in my closet so she can't get to them. Although, yesterday, she decided to start chewing on my plant. I do have chew toys for her and try to make sure she plays with them. I guess I will get a kong and put some treats in it and see if that helps. I'm just hoping she grows out of it at some point.
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