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My Rotti will not listen to me

Hello all. I have just re-homed a 3yr (possibly, but I think a bit younger, maybe 18mths) Rotti who is very docile and has shown no agression towards anything, even the Lamas he chased

The thing is as he has settled in to his new home and my life style he has become very difficult to train. He came to me knowing sit but nothng else. I have trained him to sit and wai for his food until I tell him he can have it. I have taught him to wait while I walk through a door first, 9 tims out of 10. He will recall to me off lead only if there is nothing else around otherwise I don't exist

Recently he has become bored with our little training sessios and just walks off from me making it very difficult to train him. I try to make it fun and give lots of praise when he does something right but, it is getting to that point which is difficult. He has the ability to learn but I need to find a way tap into him. Has anyone got any advice for me? I have tried many books but they don't really help. I would like to take him to classes but not sure which are best, Preferably I would like Mic Martin to train him from dog Borstal!!

Any help is appreciated!!

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Do you use treats and toys? Clicker training is a great way to train a dog. You need to find what is a good reinforcer for good behavior. My male border collie was much like that and I had to work much harder then the others to find the reinforcer that I could pair with my verbal praise until he was proofed on certain behaviors. Also you should only train for a brief time followed by fun time. If you train for too long the dog loses it's concentration just like us and if you train too much then it becomes work. What I find is that as adults the child like fun of us gets lost and so we don't get as excited or fun as needed to intiate play behavior in the dog. When training others, I find I spend a great deal of time working with the companion learning to laugh, get excited, and play. Karen Pryor's website leads you to much research on clicker training.
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He just needs to be a bit more motivated. You often find with rescue dogs as they start to settle in they suddenly start doing things they didnt before - its often a huge reason for rescue dogs being returned. but they are just settling in - testing you to see what he can get away with. I would take him back to basics with the recall - so practice it at home until hes 100% then the garden then you can move to outside on a long line. At the moment hes realised that he doesnt HAVE to come back. Keep training sessions short - 10 minutes max maybe 4/5 times a day - it all adds up but prevents him getting bored. Have various treats to reward him with - some really high value ones of something he loves and never use his dog food.Then when you are training mix your treats so sometimes he gets something lower value say a bit of a normal dog treat - then next time something higher value like a bit of sausage - it will keep him ebgaged and encourage him to work harder to get that special treat. Clicker training is great and most dogs respond to it incredibly well.
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Thanks for the support both. I tried him with a bit of cooked chicken and he inproved a lot!! I have bought a clicker but am getting confused with it!! I tried conditioning him to it by clicking and giving a treat. then clicking to see if he looks up and connecting treat with click. But Bear just ignored the click and looked up when he heard a russell!! How long does t usually take to get him used associating the clicker with food?

I always knew taking on a rescue dog would be hard work so I am determined to train him. He has come on leaps and bounds and will wait for him food until I tell him "go on", doesn't pull on the lead and waits while I walk through doors so I know he has the intelligence, just the rest of his training seems to be slow going.
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You have to charge the clicker to the dog - your going the right way about it but it can take a while. Keep up the clicking and treating -- then what I would do to test if hes really made the connection is throw a treat into the middle of the room -wait till he eats it then click (dont forget to give him a treat whatever happens !!)- by him being further away you will be able to catch any reaction he might make to the clicker. He will pick it up it can just take time.

It sounds like your doing really well with him and I know how hard it can be to train rescues - they often have uncertain history and can just shut down when things get too much.So keep up the short training sessions and always end on a good note - so if there is something he always does (say sit for example) whenever you ask him to always end the session on that so you know that you will get a good response.
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Ya, i heard clicker training is great. When he does something right, maje sure you tell him that. He mught be doing certain things out of bordom, giv ehis mind pleanty of stimulation!
good luck

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Thanks for that, I'll try the food thing and see if he is getting used to it. I think he finds everything so new and exciting that he is finding it hard letting it all sink in. Not sure he was ever taken anywhere by his previous owners.

I'll keep going with the clicker and see if he gets it. I'm trying to train him on a whistle too for recall for when he is a distance away but am getting all muddled with calling him blowing the whistle and rewarding him, I need some more arms!!
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Whatever you do, always make it known to him, that you are the master, rottweilers are strong willed & since he is older & been through some stuff, he will test ya. Another thing, make sure the trainer you pick, has trained rotties before, some are dumb & will not train certain breeds. Had one years ago, didn't want to train my shar-pei, said they are same as pitbulls, I laughd so hard & found someone else.
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