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Smile Need help in house breaking my new puppy

Hi my name is Stacey, and I had just got a new puppy about 2 weeks ago, he is a full breed Border Collie and he is only 8 weeks old, and he is at the weight of 4 pounds, he is a tiny little guy, but he is very smart but the only problem that I am having with my new puppy Rocky is that he will not go on the newspaper, because he is very stubborn, and has no fear, and also due to the fact that I had a 15 year old mixed breed dog Tiffany, who had Border Collie in her as well where she was a fantastic dog, she was never destructive, or anything, she was absolutely the most perfect dog, and we had just lost her this February 20 a day right after my birthday which was on the 19th of February, what kind of birthday gift was that, when she had passed away we had her cremated on the 24th of February, which this way I know she will always be with me forever, and she will never be forgotten, she will always be in my heart forever, which my heart was so badly broken she was my life that dog, unfortunately I have no children, but she was my child and when I had to put her to sleep I got so sick over it and I couldnít even eat for days, and about 2 weeks later that is when I had purchased my new puppy from this breeder in Pennsylvania, I know it was to soon but waking up in the morning was so bad not having your friend come and greet you anymore was so empty, and all the special things that you did with your special friend wasnít there anymore, it was so heartbreaking, and the feeling was so awful, so that is why I couldnít be with a dog, I had to fill in the void of my beloved Tiffany who I loved so much she was something so special, I know that my new puppy will never replace her, but he will be loved as well, but I am trying to train him as I did my Tiffany, and for some reason this little guy does what he wantís, and my Tiffany she was an old dog where on her dying days, she had peed, and she pooped on my rugs, but I had the carpets cleaned and still my new puppy doesn't stop, I had gone to the store and got this elephant urine and put one drop of it on some newspaper, and from what the man in the store told me it will work, but unfortunately I had no luck my puppy, he is still pooping, and peeing all over my rugs, what is a girl supposed to do, and his teething is so horrible I have so many nylabones for him, along with plenty of toys as well, but he thinks my arm is a bone, and he doesn't listen to me when I tell him to stop, he thinks its all fun and games, I know he is a puppy and I am very patient with him, he is not afraid of anything, but when I tell him what did you do, then he starts to running away from me, because he knows that he did bad, and by me telling him that he did bad he kind of knows that he did wrong, but he just doesnít want to listen, and when ever he does bad I put him into his cage, and when a hour or two goes by, I let him back out of his cage and he just goes and does the same thing again and again, so am I doing the right thing, I donít know, I need help very bad in training my puppy who is a little terror, but I love him so. Please feel free to e mail me at Thank you and have a great day.
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housetraining a puppy is a constant thing that you have to not give up on but also have to devote the time to.
A 2 month old pup should already be trained to newspaper by the breeder.
You may have gotten this pup a little too soon if it was under 8 weeks.
You need to keep the pup in a certain area so it will go on the paper if you do not get him outside in time.
But he cannot hold it any longer than 2 hrs at that age so he has to go out often....and keep him ouside until he goes.
You need to praise the good behaviour and ignore the bad behaviour.
The pup will never come to you if he thinks he is going to get yelled at.
They are babies...Do not yell at babies.
Be consistent and patient and loving always.
You want the pup to want to come to you and tell you when he wants to go out. This will happen naturally if you are kind and patient and consistent.
Puppies should be in crates or penned areas with an area for the newspaper away from where they sleep and away from where they eat.
Every 2 hours take him outside....or take him to the newspaper.
Puppies should not have the run of the house until they are trained to pee outside.

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houstraining a puppy is v.hard.
when i first got my dogs they peed everywhere it was hurrendous but with rubbing their noses in it when they do it in the wrong place and giving them loads of fus and praise when they did it in the wright place they learned.
so just do that and they should learn
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Smile I understand you dilema

Don't give up. I am not writing to tell you what to do, but to give you the encouragement to keep on trying. You have had a couple of other posts with good advice. I have had dogs for 40 years of my life. Puppies are a challenge, especially when each one is not going to be like the last puppy you might have raised. I have had collies and golden ret. puppies. I found each one had beed charteristics, very individual learning styles because of their very own personality. Do you have a PetsMart close by? They have excellent puppy classes with dog trainers on staff to ask questions. The dog trainers are not the same as the sales clerks in the ailes who sell the dog food, the toys, and cashier. I have found them most helpful. Good luck with you new pup.
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