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my dog barks at other dogs

can anyone help me i have tried 2 pet behaviourists i dont know much of her background up to me getting her as a stray at approx 9 months old she is a lancashire healer cross with a dachshund when we are out on the lead if she see's a dog she will start barking and this turns into a high pitch scream sort of noise if she is off the lead she runs round the feild barking at nothing and if she sees another dog she runs towards them barking noone can walk past the house if she is out without her going on one at them she also bullies my older dog who is a welsh border collie cross with a jack russell but mainley only on the field

if anyone has any suggestions i would be very grateful i have tried everything i can think of
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barking problem

teach the quiet command, when dogs stops barking reward good dog quiet dog give a treat, a play or a pat. do this evry time she stops barking after a couple of days start saying quiet as soon as she starts barking do not keep repeating and reward as soon as quiet. once she is stopped barking on command start only rewarding when she stops barking straight away.

dont let her off the lead until she has a good recal on a long lead change command if she wont come back to your usual command. take with you on walks food or a toy that keep her really interested food such as cheese hot dogs or chicken are realy good in little bits if you spy a dog get her into a sit attention on you and toy or treat and keep playing and feeding untill dog has passed.

when i am with clients with this problem i set up a stuge dog gewnerally one of mine they are being handled at one end of a field wile their dog is at the other the trick is to gradually bring dogs together, but let them pass at angles as head on is an aggresive sign for dominant dogs.

when out for a walk and another dog is approaching change direction, cross the road or turn to go home sharpe no but when settled turn and continue your walk reward all quiet behaviour dont forget to shower vebal praise all the way you walk and go fquiet when barking this will tell your dog that only good behaviour will gain your praise and communication.
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