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Breed Aggression - Jack Russell Terrier

So we are figuring that Penny is part Jack Russell Terrier and maybe Beagle from all the suggestions we've gotten. We've read up a lot on both, and she really fits the Terrier personality, moods, smart and cute and blah blah blah, anyway my question is that today something popped up saying that female Jacks are more aggressive than males (which she does get her aggressive moments and lashing out for what seems like no reason but she's quick to settle down now) and that they are very aggressive towards other female dogs and do not suggest having another female dog in the household. I'm curious the opinion of you all and if we are looking to get another pup to pal around with Penny are we going to need to soley look for a male.

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Aggression is such an OVER USED word these days that I dont even like to use it anymore.

While many ppl feel that it is better to mix males and females, the truth is that any two dogs can be introuduced and socialized as long as it is done safely.

Keep in mind that dogs are like ppl. Not all dogs will get along with each other. In order for them to become friends they need time to get to know each other. It must be done carefully and correctly over time.

Can you please go into more detail as to what Penny is doing (maybe post a video) so that we can understand the behaivor you are talking about?

Which of the following do you feel best discribes Penny?

- Shows physcal hostility or destructive behavior or actions toward ppl or other animals. Will attack, kill or mame for little or no reason.

- Suppresses the expression of other dogs, influencing or controling the actions or thoughts of other dogs by mental or physcal means.

- Restrains or trys to strongly influence other dogs and the situations she encounters. (will not let other dogs play with toys, be petted by ppl or guards resources.)

- Usually allows other dogs to socialize and play as long as its in neutral area but doesnt allow other dogs in her yard or house.

- She is just fine in most cases, but will growl or bark if a strange dog gets to close.
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same sex dogs in one house hold weather male male or female female can cause problems, if introducing a same sex is best to bring in a puppy, and ensure the older dog has her rank installed as top dog makeing the other subserviant but this does not always work, if a female shows aggression to an other female then sometimes spaying works to reduce the problem, this is something i have experienced my self in my household were my top female in the pack would attack any of the other girls as soon as they reached sexual maturity, i saw a sagnificant reduction in aggression to this once i spayed her, it was very dramatic. and though this may not always work just as betterdog suggests there are many forms of aggression from dominance to fear and others inbetween, spaying can calm down such behaviours and worth looking into if you are not planning in breeding.
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