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Michael, I am sure you will do all you can to keep the peace. It would be too bad to have to change the habit of so many years due to new commers. Hope all works out. Hugs Susan & Lexcee.
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We had a wonderful weather day today so Patchs, Neka and I hung out in the back yard most of the day. About 3pm I saw the two ppl with the "loose" dog coming down the back yards, they were not walking their dog.

As they got closer I put Neka and Patchs in a "stay". They both watched the couple approch, but when they got about 20 ft from the property line they went out to greet them. I was glad they didnt try to jump up, and I only had to call them once and they came right back to me.

After talking about the weather, traffic and some other stuff, Jason (the guy) explained why they came down. He explained that they felt bad about the issue with the dog being allowed to run free while in heat. He said that Jen (his GF) actually called our local Animal Control and asked them what would happen if? and who would be at falt. OMD!!! They told her that she would be at falt 100% for alowing her dog to run free.

They stayed for about 45 mins. We had a great conversation and i think we have put this all behind us.
- Michael -

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That's great Michael. They've begun to see the light.
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