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Preparing our Dogs for Bubs

Hey everyone, its been ages since Ive been here, no excuses really !!

A couple of weeks ago, our first baby was born. He came earlier than expected, and as we live in remote Australia I had to be rushed off to the city, and so the dogs were quickly dumped on the doorstep of my mother in law....and 3 weeks later we havent been home. Neither has hubby, which means we havent quite finished preparing our dogs for the new addition to the pack.

So, at the end of the week we are due to go home, but bubs and I will spend a few weeks in the local hospital, and my hubby will be at home with the dogs.

Both dogs are indoor dogs, one of them sleeps on the bed and we dont really want to change this. We havent done an awful lot to prepare them, we dont really want their routine disrupted too much. They are both well behaved dogs, but have limited to no experience with kids and babies.

Hubby will take items of bubs clothes home from the hospital with the baby's smell, and let the dogs have a sniff, and give them lots of positive reinforcement. Treats, fuss and so on.

We also plan to introduce bubs to the dogs in a controlled environment. That is, with the dogs on leashes, let them sniff the baby and again give lots of positive reinforcement.

I also want to baby-gate off no-dog zones, which hubby will need to do before we get out of hospital.

And just before I was rushed off, I was playing to the dogs baby cries, and was intending to play this to them a few times a day with positive reinforcement until the babies birth. But of course this didnt happen.

So, things havent really gone as planned. And when we get home, after a long absence, their lives are going to be turned upside down.

I want to make the transition as smooth and as easy on all as possible. I would really appreciate any advice on how to make this happen.

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