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Things to do if dog afraid of fireworks

Does your dog freak out during fireworks? Consider these tips for putting your dog at ease: From Donna Smith
1. Create a special area or "den'' in your home where your dog feels safe. A crate or kennel can be a calming refuge, but only if introduced in advance. New Year's Eve or the Fourth of July is not the time to put your pet to a crate for the first time.
2. If you don't have an established safe haven for you pet already, tether him to you with a leash and allow him to stick close.
3. If your pet is not leashed to you or tucked away in a crate, remove items from the room that the dog could destroy or could hurt him if he chewed them. Some dogs become destructive when frightened.

See rest of article at:
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Good article K9, very appropriate too. Those are definitely good suggestions too keep in mind, but since every dog works differently and not all respond positively to one treatment, other alternatives are:

4. Desensitation(sp) Training
5. Stress Jackets
6. Medication (in some cases, and approved by vets)

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You know, I was really worried about Max since he's been scared of everything, but he did really good. I took them for a good walk last night at 8, thinking I'd beat the fireworks. But a bunch of kids were shooting off firecrackers, and the pups were fine. I was very proud of them. Cerbie barked when he heard the big fireworks show that the city does, but it wasn't excessive, and he stopped when I told him to.
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last year the city right next to us has a founder's day celebration with fireworks at night. we sit in the driveway and watch. it is so loud that i thought it would bother elsa. so we all sat outside and we watch the fireworks with other neighbors and they were shocked to see joey sleeping and elsa watching. it didn't bother them one minute.

with nikko we were gone one year for the 4th of july. we came home to see nikko standing on the window sill. i thought for sure the screen would pop off and he would fall to his death. so hubby went running up while a neighbor came out and waited with me to catch him if he fell. thank goodness as soon as he heard the door open he went running. we thought he was safe in the front, what we forgot to do was close the window.
rest in peace my little Nikko. until we meet again. momma misses you and her heart aches every time she thinks of you, wishing you were still here to play with Joey and Elsa.
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great info! thanks for sharing. definitely good to know because many dogs are scared of fireworks and thunder...
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