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oh well, thanks for everuyones coments, at least i'm not going to change my dogs for anyone, i am happy with the way they are and they are more than happy to be indoors with me, my partner and my son xx
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Some people have weird beliefs about dogs, my grandmother was one of them. When my parents went on vacation and left us kids at the mercy of my grandmother, I came home from school only to find my poor dog outside curled up beside the back door and shivering in -30C weather . My grandmother believed that dogs belonged outside. It was her farmer's wife mentality that I quickly straightened out. I told dear old grandmother that she would be outside in the snowbank if she ever did that again. Nobody puts my furbaby in a snowbank! LOL
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I think most dogs should be able to do both. I can't see a dog being "just a working dog" with no quality family time afterwards. It seems unfair to the dog IMO.
A working dog can be just a pet, but it depends on the breed and how much exercise and stimulation the dog gets (in lieu of working).
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My springers have never been worked x they have always been a family pet and thats the way they will stay x Logan my oldest Springer (2 years old) x he loves his walks and his home comforts, he gets plenty of exercise, 1 hour walk in the morning, 2 hours in the afternoon and 1 hour again at night x Logan is off gundog stock x
As for Mya, the youngest of the 2 x she is only 4 months old at the moment but she still has her fun time down the park x about 4 times a day (15mins at a time) x she loves being outside as does Logan x Mya is off show lines x But for now with the weather over here in Central Scotland, snow and below 0C x they are quite happy to be indoors longer than being outside xx Both off them love their home comforts as does my other 2 dogs x but they aren't springers xx
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This topic is right up my alley.... As for I have an all sporting breed dog house. I have 2 ESS and a GSP. all who are my house pets first and foremost and they also are working dogs.
Both my ESS are shown in the obeince/rally rings along with some hunting, as for my GSP puppy, mind you, He is a true working dog...he is shown on the weekend in conformation as well as training in the field for hunting.
I don't have to work "hard" at making them great house pets.
They do have lots of enregy and drive but NOT in the house, it only kicks in when it's time to "go to work" so to say.
both my girls earned their title in 3 straight show with high scores, good training Yes, but they love the work that they do and were bred to do.

Any dog can be a Great house dog as long as they have an outlet to relase thier energy at.
my breeder friends of both breeds keep their dogs in the house with them not in a kennel where they don't get all the attention that every dog should have and get.
So your neighbor is so wrong about ESS not being Great house pets, and both of mine are Field/bench lines.
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