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be positive!

Use only positive reinforcement, when the dog is doing somthing you dont want teach him to do somthing you do. I had taken a female border collie who was a mess. untrained not house broken etc. Every time i dwalk in to my house she'd pee. Instead of loosing it I walk past her open door and let her run to yard to pee and praise her. She learned many stupid pet tricks to keep her from chewing up the house. Shelby was her name and thru positive reinforcment we became a team. I never said no, I redirected her. She was the best dog and friend . She died in my arms 12 yrs ago and Im still now choked up. They come around! I you make a game of someone at door you can get them excited to bark, but it will make it an ongoing thing,
a working dog is a happy dog
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the word no

I teach all my dogs two words other then the basics. They are no and the word back. No means cease what your doing and do it now. It has saved my dogs lives more then once. Other people say heel.

I teach a dog back to get him out of the way for crutches and a wheel chair.
When a motorized wheel chair comes in a house it can sometimes go other wise then what was intended, ie. turn side ways into a door or door jam or to fast over the bump on the ground that seals the door at the bottom.
Particularly if it is a new chair or a new driver.

Believe me I have had people run over my feet, back into my knees and so forth so I also learned back pretty fast. I do give positive rewards usually a good scratching, a quiet stroking session on my lap or treat.

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