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I have the same senario with Shara, but shes young, 4 years old. Because she was back yard bred, she has bad conformation that has led to excessive strain on her back. She might be retiring from obedience because she is in pain.

Meds like Rymadyl keep them comforatble...I have her on high dose of gluclosamine.

The surgury on the spine is about 4-5000. If that is not an issue, I would have opted for that. But they are "never the same" after they have a back I am told.

12 years is a long good life for an athlete...imagine all the rough things their bodies go through tearing across the agility field, the minor and major injuries we dont know about.

They might be tired and worn out but most agility dogs never show it because they are working dogs and working for their human...

I would say retire the dog, keep him/her comfortable...

If the pain is too much to bear and you have the money to drop on sugury I would do the surgury...but doing surgury comes with its own risks, recovery, and then life after it...
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