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Orijen Senior:
Protein 42.0% (min.)
Carbohydrate 18.0% (max.)
Fat 14.0% (min.)
Moisture 10.0% (max.)
Fiber 3.5% (max.)
Calcium 1.5% (min.)
Phosphorus 1.1% (min.)
Omega-6 1.5% (min.)
Omega-3 0.7% (min.)
Glucosamine 800 mg/kg (min.)
Chondroitin 150 mg/kg (min

I think it is very high in protine..And I was reading reviews on it, they have changed their formula and added more protine. I also read it gave many dogs 'the runs' and a few people said their dogs loved it.

Core Wellness Reduced Fat:
Crude Protein min. 33%
Crude Fat min. 9%
Crude Fat max. 10%
Crude Fiber max. 8.5%
Moisture max. 10%
Calcium max. 1.9%
Phosphorus max. 1.3%
Carbohydrates 35.52%

Less protine, more carbs in this. I think this is better choice. Or see below: Wellness Core Super 5 mix...

I looked up Canidae Senior Platinum, one of my 'top dog food list is Canidae' (i change out my dog food every 2-3 months so I try a lot of diff dog foods...) But their senior formula is VERY high in grains.

Wellness is another good one, Super 5 Healthy Weight:
Crude Protein Not Less Than 17.0%
Crude Fat Not Less Than 6.0%
Crude Fat Not More Than 10.0%
Crude Fiber Not More Than 8.0%
Moisture Not More Than 11.0%
Calcium Not Less Than 1.00%
Phosphorus Not Less Than 0.85%
Vitamin E Not Less Than 400 IU/kg
Omega 6 Fatty Acids* Not Less Than 2.30%
Omega 3 Fatty Acids* Not Less Than 0.40%
Glucosamine Hydrochloride* Not Less Than 400 mg/kg
Chondroitin Sulfate* Not Less Than 300 mg/kg
Beta-Carotene* Not Less Than 5 mg/kg
Lycopene* Not Less Than 0.25 mg/kg
Taurine* Not Less Than 0.09%
Carbohydrates 49.4%

From what I have read, its not the amount of protine, its the type. Chicken and Turkey are easier to digest than red meats. Also going for more carbohydrates will make your dogs more hyper because it is a fuel that burns fast and strong, vs slower 'burning' fuels such as beef and oatmeal.

Have you ever tried making homemade meals? I do this now, I go to the store and buy 4 chicken breasts for 3 bucks, a box of brown rice, oatmeal, cans of veggies when they are on sale 3 for $1 and stock up. I give them 50/50 homemade food and dry food. For senior dogs, this will soften the food up and provide great nutrition, and is gentel on theit stomach. I also bought some whole turkeys for 6 bucks, and froze them and are cooking those...when you are paying 3-4 bucks a pound for commercial food, you can actually safe a lot of money making half and half commercial and homemade.
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