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My cocker spaniel does not chew on bones or rawhide treats.
Jake the JackaBea is the chewer.
I started buying him raw meaty bones from the local Pet Store because
the rawhide gives him runny stools. I am not sure what's in them but I
suspect not good stuff.
He loves his bones and they last him a few days. Casey will even have
a go at it if he does the hard stuff first.
I have bought the greenies for them both and find them pretty good
even with the green stools.
The best treat that they absolutely adore is "Merrick Lamb Filet Squares"
They are dehydrated lamb lung. No other ingredients. They can be
broken into small pieces...They smell like something a dog would love
and easy to digest.
The Denta Bone and similar bone type treats are loved by both dogs.
I check ingredients closely now because of all the recalls though.

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