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We had great plans over Labor Day. We went to Pittsburgh to visit our son. We didn't have our plans finalized, but Sydney had been poorly socialized, and we knew there were all sorts of stuff including a Pirates game to take her to. Saturday went well with crowds and fireworks on the river. Sunday morning we inflicted a set of terrazzo steps on her.

After church, I asked my son if there was a hospital near by. I spent the next 4 days at the Pitt Med Center having cancer tumors removed from my bladder. I was able to take her to my high school class' 50'th reunion the next Saturday.

It is not so much we do things for the puppy, but just take it along were ever we go. If our puppy isn't welcome, don't expect us.

A couple weekends a year we do travel with the puppy, a convention and the puppy's family reunion.
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