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Originally Posted by 2dogscrzy4ball View Post
Weeeelllll!! This has been a good and bad summer. I'm enjoying my kids sooo much as their both old enough to do fun stuff with finally!!
My shop has gotten flooded pretty bad twice and that was awful. So I've purchased another piece of land just UP the road from my current building (which I just paid off this summer). My dogs are doing great and still going to work w/me everyday. I still have dial up so it's torturous just getting on this thing and I have to be honest I've never been bitten by the computer bug!! I've thought about you guys many times and I've missed coming on and posting but hopefully w/cooler weather will bring more time indoors!!
There you are! I am glad to hear you are having a nice summer with the kids
Sorry to hear about your shop getting flooded, that really sucks.

Just missed seeing you around is all

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