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choosing a new breed

Well as I stated in my other thread I am thinking about switching to a new breed of dog. I just dont know what to choose It will be 5+ years before i get a new dog, but I want to start researching now.

What I am looking for is a breed that I can possibly show in conformation, obedience, and maybe agility. Narrows that field down a lot right LOL! Anyways the breed will need to be good with other animals, as I have cats, rabbits, and chickens, and of course dogs.

What I dont want, any flat faced or bully breeds (nothing against them just dont care for them), most importantly it must be able to breed, whelp naturally (if i decide to go that route) no toy breed or hounds, although I have conidered the PVGV. Dont really want a smooth coated breed either, but not totally against it. Oh, no giant breed either I want a dog thats not going to die young! Also needs to be able to tolerate the weather of northern Ohio, so cold, snowy winters that occasionally get below 0 windchills, and summers that can reach 90+ sometimes.

Breeds I have considered but would like to hear from owners of them are (in random order) :
GSD, standard poodle, husky, (kids choice) samoyed, briard, pbgv, golden retriever, collie, border collie, aussie, irish red and white setter. That all i can think of right now, might be more added later as I think of them.
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